Apr. 1st, 2017

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Having a Saturday that felt like a Sunday almost made up for waking up at a horribly early hour. Also worthwhile was seeing that the director for the Vegas shoot had made a poll asking fans which of the 4 bottoms he's hiring should bottom for him. All 3 of the other have vastly more Twitter followers than me, and I really did not want to be last, so I threw it out to FB. While it was still early, I hit the store, though they were out of some things I still needed. I really wanted to lay down before rehearsal, but I didn't really see myself having the time and inclination to make the jello shots on Sunday. And if I fucked them up too bad, I'd want an opportunity to do another. The shots set *fast,* with some of them partially solidifying while I was still trying to get them into their molds. A good sign?

Kirby came by to pick up his bag of frozen chicken, now that he's found a place to stay, but also to talk to me about the "hot homeless guy" he met who is interested in escorting. The guy has been to prison twice, though Kirby isn't sure what for. He declined to give the guy my address, which is good both because I don't know the guy, and because I'm low on space for people. He briefly, generally, spoke about how hard his week was, but I don't have anything to say to him on that matter.

Rehearsal was in Point Loma at 2:30...it occurred to me that Charles, the choreographer, was out of town still. He'd talked about his whirlwind trip out to Texas to judge a competition, then back just in time to present at the bachelor auction tomorrow. But maybe they wanted Keith to work on it? Maybe they wanted us to work on it from the (awful) video? Turns out none of those things, it was just a mistake. Only two other people even showed, both singers. I'd take that as a sign that we missed a memo, but..... I messaged Charles, talked with one of the singers about the mess we're currently in as far as the choreography goes. I don't know what kind of repercussions there are for people to no-show at the singing rehearsals, but I'd imagine it's more than nothing, which is what's been happening for the dancers.

On the plus side, I was able to hit up Paul's pool party to socialize his new puppy. It was less well attended than I thought it was going to be, and stupid drunk people kept waking up Dingo (the puppy) when he was trying to sleep. But all the dogs appreciated the treats I brought, and the other dogs appreciated the affection. When Jim had to leave, I took over the music. I had an interesting discussion with Paul about doing porn, and one with McEwen (who still has one of my swimsuits) about the nature of our friendship. But then it was getting late and I wanted a disco nap before Bear night.

Unfortunately, I underestimated how tired I was, and instead woke up at 2am with a text from FHA that he'd tried to wake me no avail. Also one from Billy, inviting me to pregame with him. I'm kind of okay with missing it, really. I want to save money right now, at least until the whole Tim thing is done. Unfortunately, having slept so long, I had a devil of a time getting back to sleep. I almost went and tricked with a guy, but decided against it at the last minute. Finally jerked off twice and managed to doze around 5:30.


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