Mar. 31st, 2017

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Day off, which is nice, but I'd have rather taken Monday. I was oddly hungover for having only had a couple glasses of wine, though, which also left me apathetic to do much of anything. I had to pick up the vegan jello from Wal-Mart, and I'd agreed to swing down to Chula Vista to visit with Tim and drop off the latest boat parts he requested. Pupple was pretty shocked to see me, actually, and then pressed his body into me while lightly grunting when I picked him up. I took him on a very very very long walk, sat with him in the grass, and nearly fell asleep with him on the couch in Tim's boat. Tim encouraged this, but I felt uncomfortable sleeping there. Briefly laid down with Lady Miss Friday at home instead.

I had Jonathan Seaman's housewarming in the evening. Tim had originally asked to come with, but I didn't hear from him. I was 30 min late and still one of the first people there. One of the children was playing security guard and demanded to know my name. It was a cute moment. Bug arrived before long, and I spent most of the night talking to him. At least until Adam arrived with Lady, his pitbull. Then I just followed her around like a fanboy. I was showing someone else pics of Bug's dogs, and Bug thought it was hilarious that my phone is literally just a bunch of dog pics with occasional dicks and memes thrown in. He had to leave for a trick eventually, though I got the feeling he wasn't unhappy when he thought the guy was flaking.

I stayed to help clean up the party, and Jonathan told me I could stay even longer. Maybe going for a 3 way with his partner? I dunno, but I wasn't feeling ready, so I headed home instead.


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