Mar. 30th, 2017

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Found close parking which was a straight up gift from Asphalta (goddess of parking). It always feels a little more special when I find close parking on the last day before a weekend. Unfortunately, the internet was down for over the first hour I was there. I made the most of my time, working out a couple times in my office, but it fucked with my head a little, and I forgot it was just "Friday" and not Friday until Kathy popped in around 11 and asked if I was still working on eservice. Eservice which I normally have done by 8:30. Eservice which I always do on Thursdays. Which was today. Late getting to it meant more mail, and Suzanne was out, and there was a lot anyway. Kept my nose to the grindstone, though, so I'll still be ahead of the curve when I come back on Monday. ROAR.

Narrowly dodged awful traffic on the 163 coming home. There was a jumper on the Rosecrans bridge. Sad. I had no real plans for the evening, and wasn't feeling particularly randy. This is odd as I haven't cum since Monday morning, and that was lackluster. Mark invited me to watch Feud: Joan and Bette at his place. I guess everyone's been busy, as he hasn't had another viewing party since that first night. It was more sparsely attended than the first one, and I was less of the center of attention. I entertained when I did talk (obviously), but didn't push for the spotlight. Mark was less affectionate towards me, too, which was odd. At least until he mentioned his roommate Ron was home and that I knew him. I puzzled and puzzled over his insistence that I knew "Ron" until I finally saw him. Ron and I tricked a couple times when I lived on Tyler, but I don't think he likes me furry, so we stopped tricking when I stopped shaving.

Feud is great, and the performances are amazing. But somewhere between the police raiding a gay theatre, the depiction of people who were successful artists (and what they gave up to get/stay there), and the realization that's never going to be me, I was a little upset. I'm actually fine with everything I've ever heard of people giving up to be successful artists. I'm just also hyper aware that the ones who give everything up and make it are a tiny fraction of the ones who give everything up and don't. I jetted right after instead of staying to chat/makeout/fuck. Gave Hover a chip, laid down with Lady Miss Friday, and felt better.


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