Mar. 28th, 2017

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Tired in the morning, but massively energized at work. Incredibly productive, really, which is good because there was a slew of complicated claims. I happened to notice Candelario tag me in a post with a bunch of other people asking for help for a soon-to-be homeless person. I offered him a place to stay previously, and when he messaged me a few weeks back about the problems he was having with his mom (apparently including assault and theft), I recommended he call the police and Legal Aid. He didn't want to do any of that. He still hasn't called anyone, he's just throwing it out to FB for someone to save him.

I was supposed to go to the Naked Men's Gathering (orgy) at 8, but as the time got closer, I really just didn't have the energy or inclination. I still didn't drive out for the extra Newsies rehearsal, either. Jeff was semi-sleeping on the bed in the living room and Bryan was watching Vampire Diaries on the couch until he fell asleep. Apparently he'd gone to lunch with Paul during the day, and presumably taken care of some errands and things. I'm still getting shades of Couch Brian, but it's early, so I'm holding off judgment.

Jeff walked to the store, and hung out in my door way chatting when he got back. He's never been entirely easy to get a full narrative out of, and the drugs haven't helped things. I'm still not entirely sure what happened with his ex's ex, or what his plan is. It was more than a little upsetting watching him, as Jeff is gorgeous but life is definitely taking a toll.

I messaged Kirby because he forgot some food and his headphones here. I think he's sleeping in the park. I would be sympathetic towards him, but he decided to leave the open-ended, rent-free living situation he had before any of the other guests even arrived. So instead I'm angry. I am livid with the Candelarios who literally refuse to take even the smallest of steps that could possibly help them, preferring instead to beg everyone else to carry them, and I'm furious with the Kirbys who decline help and then whine about the situation they're actively working to keep themselves in.


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