Mar. 25th, 2017

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Woke up to a few Scruff messages. One from XXX, who is fairly depressed a lot, I think over his ex. He was drunk and stoned in bed at 8am. I offered company, but he never got around to giving me the address. Fortunately, Al and Ryan, a couple I met a few years ago, were also laying in bed, and they did give me an address. Tim needed to borrow my credit card to make some purchases, They live in a big house in Kensington, have an 11 y/o minature husky named Kazi (who I said hi to before either of them, because I'm a terrible person) and are loads of fun. I mostly bottomed for them, of course, but Al and I also tag teamed Ryan. And Ryan sat on my face a lot while Al fucked me. We fucked in the bed for a while, then down on a swing next to the highway, then back up on an outdoor bed, where they DP'd me and Al came from it. Unfortunately, the nerves in his back are somewhat shot, so he had to take a break after that, but insisted that Ryan and I keep fucking. Suits me fine. We finally did take a pizza break, though I didn't have any. I did have a drink, and Al poured a shot of vodka down Ryan's back so I could take it off his ass.

They'd scheduled another trick for 4pm, but decided they were having too good a time with me, so canceled with him. I'm amazing. They took turns fucking me a bit more, but I finally left so we could all get other things done. Also, I was getting a little too close to cumming, and didn't want to since I had my first overnight client.

Tim wasn't back for a while, so I chatted with Kirby and petted Pupple. Passed out nearly as soon as he did get back, and managed to drag myself to my bed with Lady Miss Friday. Woke up with plenty of time to shower and pack and run to the store before the client got there. I'd thought he was just going to pick me up, but he parked on the street and then came inside when I got my umbrella. And loves Hover. He lives in Valley Center, is a teacher, has a whole pack of dogs, and has had a partner for 18(?) years. They're at the point they've largely stopped having sex. We walked over to Flick's, he deemed me the "Mayor of Hillcrest" because I said hi to so many people on the street. Except, of course, that 1) everyone knows everyone, and 2) I didn't know all the people I said hi to. I bought our drinks at Flick's, which felt a little weird. But he's spending 1k plus hotel on this night, I can pick up $15 of drinks at the bar. I kind of wish we'd gone to PECS instead, though that might well have been such a good time I'd have been tempted to stay longer than the one drink he'd asked for.

Finally back to the hotel, we rolled around, made out, he fucked me. He'd described himself as a total top, so I was surprised that he was ready willing and able to get rimmed. I came for him - still on his really really thick cock at his request, so my shot wasn't anywhere near what it could have been. Maybe for the best.

It wasn't until we were rolling over to sleep that I realized I'd forgotten to take a sleeping pill, or even a melatonin. Fuck.


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