Mar. 24th, 2017

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One of my more industrious Fridays at work. If I can keep this up and maybe avoid a damn hangover on Monday, I'll get to an awesome place with my claims. Worked out in my office, got hit up by a guy I've been meaning to play with for a while off DN. His message literally just said "All I want is to breed you." So romantical. After a little back and forth, we finally got together. He's certainly attractive - gorgeous body, big dick....his style as a lover isn't completely in sync with mine though. Either not really into kissing or just prefers sudden, quick, licks to making out. And he put me into strange positions for fucking, which usually precluded me even touching my dick. Even in missionary, he laid his full body on top of me so I couldn't reach anything but his back. It was a good time, though, and he's down to make a video. We chatted for a while after - he works at Club San Diego, isn't really sure what he wants to do after that.

Tim came over with Pupple after, asked about Kirby's situation, since it's been almost a month. No clue. A few people hit me up about plans, but I didn't really have any. Billy was at Gossip with Bug, so I got cleaned up and went there. McEwen showed up as well, with the short Latin gent who thinks they're dating. I actually found him to be much nicer than McEwen's previous description would have led me to believe. McEwen, in recounting me talking about a 5 way, apparently thinks I examine my nails a lot. We moseyed over to Flick's next, where I Shazamed a song, ran into Seaman, there with a very out of it friend of his, and into Bob, the head of SDGMC who wants to sleep with me. He'd had a graduation party at Mo's that I was supposed to go to earlier, so was pretty squeaked by the time I saw him. He made out with me some, bumped into my friends, but then they were whisked away. Kevin is hosting a drag show, which was awkward at best, so I tried to be a good audience member for them.

A tall straight guy, there with his girlfriend and eager to tell everyone what a Cool Straight Guy he was, glommed onto us for a good 30 min before he got too drunk and kicked out. Billy and Bug had gone outside to avoid CSG, and from there to Rich's. I might have been tempted to go, but David, the ridiculously hot gent from a few months ago, hit me up, and that sounded like a better option. He even made sure I could eat his ass. Billy apparently didn't last long at Rich's, because he had texted me that he was home if I wanted to join him. I'd have been up for it, though I feel bad how I mostly bottom for him, but by the time I responded to his text, he was apparently passed out.


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