Mar. 22nd, 2017

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A claim is missing at work, and the staff attorney just says "haven't seen it." Urgh. Also, the friend I was going to have work my 3 way with me on Thursday canceled. $150 isn't enough for him, and he can't kiss someone he's not attracted to. Escorting might not be the right place for him, given that last. Got a replacement who's fine with the 150. Such is the nature of the business.

Ryan had posted a Tei Shi song to the Music group which sounded fairly R&Bish, so I sent it to Hugo. He loves it, and we ended up having a rather nice conversation. Possibly too nice, since I still miss him. Nothing has changed since he left, and he's looking for work, possibly gonna move to London with a friend to look for work. I also chatted with Brad, who is apparently close to breaking up with his partner. Partner has very few friends of his own, and suspects all of Brad's friend's of trying to fuck him all the time. Sounds familiar. Then again, when I saw them both at The Hole, Brad told his partner I was "the one he needed to worry about," so it's not exactly a Julian situation.

Around noon, Tim asked to come and use my computer so he could work on some power point things and other stuff, and also if I know anyone who would be interested in buying oxycodone, because his roommate is just as broke as he is. Sure thing, doesn't affect me at all. Except his car was still there when I got home. Apparently various things had come up in the intervening 4.5 hrs, and he had just gotten there. He wanted to talk about his day and mine, but I really wasn't feeling social. I closed my door and laid down with Lady Miss Friday. None of that is my problem. Finally got up, got cleaned up, grabbed my clothes for rehearsal and headed out.

A guy I used to trick with was hosting a sex party from 6-8, but rehearsal started at 7, so I could only stay until 6:40. I had a good time, I was a total vers rockstar, but it was weird. I fucked the host for a bit, since I was the first one there, and he almost immediately asked for my load. The second person to show up was a rather unattractive older guy who was "just there to get sucked." The 3rd guy was a tall, strange Latin gent who also asked for my load almost immediately and continually, and kept talking about how good bareback sex is. Obviously? As more people showed up - too many for the twin/full sized bed of the host, that Latin gent just laid there like a frog waiting for someone to fuck him. Sling lizards aren't pretty at the best of times, but when they're taking up valuable space, it's downright rude. And people *constantly* told people to cum like...the second they started fucking anyone. It was a lot of pressure, and basically ensured that I wasn't going to cum for anyone there.

Tonight's rehearsal was Newsies. Based on the auditions, I was the most excited about this one, out of all the numbers we're performing. The audition for it was the attitude turn into a double into a tour. Imagine my surprise then, to see almost everyone from the auditions there. People who have never taken a dance class in their life along with the better dancers. And the choreography is nowhere near as fun as I was led to believe. Cell Block Tango is the only one left to learn, so here's hoping.

Kirby was home when I got back, also wanting to chat. He's finally seeing a Dr because his face and head still hurt. He had an unfortunate experience in WI with workmans comp and getting fired for making a claim. It was later rectified, but I guess his hesitation is understandable. I was so tired that I was cranky, so I pointed out that CA is a much more employee friendly place than WI, and that literally everyone told him to go to the Dr much earlier. I was also so tired I didn't jerk off. Damn.


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