Mar. 20th, 2017

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Oh, hangover days. Also randy as fuck days. Fortunately, I was ahead on claims by the time last week ended, so I could afford a less than super productive day. I didn't manage to work out in my office at all, unfortunately. A nice visiting gent named Greg hit me up almost as soon as I got home, so I cleaned up my room while I waited for him. Shorter, older gent with a really thick dick. I think he might've been a little drunk, too. He suggested a video, but didn't make any move for it when I pointed out the conveniently located camera next to my bed. We laid there chatting a while longer, and might get together again before he leaves. He talked a lot about marrying a guy like me, on account of my amazing oral and bottoming skills. I just want it on video.

Nick was at Oscar Wilde's and messaged me to join him and Joe. I kind of just wanted to rest and masturbate, but finally dragged myself out and had a drink there. Mostly just caught up, talked a little about the upcoming shoot. Joe wants to film me having sex, and also have sex with me, but as always, finding a damn costar is impossible. We're gonna try for Friday night.

Should probably have gone to the store instead of home between, but I was really beat. I think I'd have gone to bed at 8:30 if I didn't have to be at rehearsal at that time. Went over Hairspray outside with Michael while we waited, then with the rest of the group once they arrived. Alex, who is center stage for Hairspray, is being inserted into Hamilton, too, despite never having attended a rehearsal for it. He's not one of the better dancers, but he's gorgeous, so maybe that plays in?

Kirby walked in just after me - apparently he was electrocuted at work. Was scrubbing the wall with a metal sponge, shocked bad enough to knock him halfway across the room. But he's refusing to go to the Dr. I can't do it for him, and I refuse to get frustrated over someone self-sabotaging, so I just bid him goodnight. Finally jerked off, though it wasn't really satisfying, and crashed.


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