Mar. 19th, 2017

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Hopped online, got hit up by a few boys, including one guy who kept Oinking and Unlocking his pics when I wasn't around, then relocking them. Timing finally worked out, he texted me that he was hanging with some party boys in North Park, and would check if I could join them. Got cleaned up, lasered a little, watched porn and worked out while I waited, then headed over. The apt was over by Dominic's, and two guys were sitting on the couch watching porn and stroking limp dicks. I get down to business at group things, so I immediately sucked them both, then fucked one of them. Nice kid by the name of Eddy from LA., seems to have vitiligo around his cock and ass, but does have a pretty one of both of them. Only after I'd been fucking him for a while and he asked for a break did I find out he'd been up for 5 days just done a booty bump, so I was apparently fucking that deeper into him. The host, PJ, greeted me next. Somewhat twinky, offered me some of the many drugs present. I'm fine with G, of course, but thought staying completely sober would be a better option. I've had issues in the past with party boys getting paranoid and thinking I'm an undercover operative because I don't use, but PJ and the others were really impressed and seemed to like me more. I topped him, too, and then took a break myself. Eddy's dick had started working, and he asked if I ever bottomed, or I was a strict top. This isn't even my final form! Eddy fucked me and almost came from it, but another gent showed up - guy by the name of Mark. He took G and became *very* chatty, even while he was fucking me. But he was very complimentary. Everyone was, really. Eventually, I pretended to cum while fucking Rob (the initial guy who'd invited me), jerked off a little more, but wanted to get home for a bit before I had the DSA meeting. Overall, it was one of the more successful group sessions I've had in a long time.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a nap in, so I was really really out of it for the meeting. And I didn't quite recall the synergy plan Christina had in mind for SWoRN and DSA to begin with. The meeting itself didn't help any - it was a presentation for about an hour, just about new sources and other typical minor political rantings. We finally broke into committees, which could have just been a single 30 min meeting, but okay. They were all meeting for drinks at a nearby station tavern, but I wanted to go out for Sunday Funday. Better late than never, and McEwen had messaged me when the meeting started, so I hit him back as it was ending.

He'd fallen asleep, which was actually fine by me - gave me time to get cleaned up and have a drink. He had a drink, too, and talked about a guy he's been seeing. Some shorter Latin gent who is way insanely jealous already. Trouble. Finally headed out to #1, though we only lasted one drink there. John Reza was wasted drunk and handsy, and 21 y/o relationship twink didn't recognize me at first. He messaged me after I left to tell me I was much more "ripped" than he was expecting. Thanks? We left for Flick's to meet Ryan, I saw a chubby, friendly Pitbull and ran out of the bar to say hi. They wanted to go to Rich's, but I had to tap out at that point, as it was getting very late and I have work tomorrow. I think McEwen was angling to fuck Ryan anyway.


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