Mar. 18th, 2017

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Tim needed to get his car smogged, so he came over in the morning. He apparently had some other errands to run, too, so I left for a trick. Handsome muscled older guy I've been meaning to fuck for a while. He has two rescue cats - Hansel & Gretel. Hansel took a liking to me. He really wanted me to cum, but I declined. His partner insists on condoms even though he's undetectable. On the one hand, that's his comfort level. On the other hand, given the amount of evidence that undetectable = nontransmissible, it's also a little like refusing to sail too far because you might fall off the edge of the earth. It's not based in reality.

Tim was *still* not back when I got back, so I jerked a bit before going to rehearsal, told him to just leave the cc on my desk. Almost came handsfree, too. Rehearsal was fun. I was worried about learning it, since that style of choreography is usually hard for me to get in my body. I'm digging it, though it's an exhausting number.

Tim was at my place when I got back - said he was just laying down because his back hurt, but then started playing with Pupple.'s your back? What time were you leaving? I could have made it to the pool party, but I wanted to be rested for the show, so I napped with Lady Miss Friday instead. Woke up in plenty of time, found close parking. Actually, I ended up being the first one there. Stripped down to my jock and just waited for everyone else. Only one person needed to borrow a hanky from me. Josh was *very* late, running in just as the music was starting. Drag queens. The performance went off without a hitch, Tim's old marina buddy Paul came up to me after to offer his services as a dom if I ever have clients request it...but as he was walking away, he also offered us to just get together privately, which caught me off guard.

I still had to do my weekly grocery shopping, so I took off before the end of the night to grab some stuff. FHA asked about my plans for the night, and agreed to come with me to Numbers, where I was also supposed to meet Nick. Even got Aimee to drop him off, so I didn't have to pick him up. We had a great time chatting and listening to music. I went to get cleaned up one more time, and my stomach decided to be a bitch.This keeps happening, and almost always just on weekends. After 30 min of futilely trying to get ready while FHA patiently waited, I decided to do something I never do - go out without being ready to get fucked. I almost never hook up in person, and on the off hand chance I do, I'll be 30 min closer to being good.

Numbers was surprisingly sparse, though I did happen to see Ghost Evan with Dave, one of the other performers from the show. Also saw Don, the fan of mine that I've been meaning to hook up with forever, but it never works out. And I briefly chatted with a tipsy Michael, who is always so much friendlier in person than I expect him to be. I'm tapping him for Riddler once he gets back from SF. I tried to keep most of my conversations either inclusive of FHA or very short, but it's hard to talk in a loud bar. Ed gave me a shot when I bought drinks, which I shouldn't have taken, because I got a scoch bit too squeaked. He was kind enough to drive me home. I texted Nick, asking where he was, but didn't hear back before I passed out.


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