Mar. 17th, 2017

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Woke up to a text from Nick. He was having a bit of a Beyonce night. Unfortunately, I'd already gone to sleep. He's got poker tonight, so we'll see what happens after that.

Months ago, I found an art nouveaux Last Unicorn shirt I wanted, but it was $23 +tax & shipping, and I didn't want it that badly. Today they sent out a 25% off coupon sitewide. Ding ding! I found several other shirts I wanted, but I kept to the one I went there for, and I'm happy with my decision. I've earned over $800 this week, I can buy myself a shirt for under $20. On that note, I'm ecstatic my first week has gone so well from a strictly monetary perspective. On the other hand, that's all from one client. No one else is biting. I'm calming myself down, but it's squirming in the back of my skull.

My office, much as promised, was freezing, and I'm delighted. I pretend I'm a penguin and waddle around. A friend of mine who almost came to live with me, but ended up living with his mom instead messaged me to bitch about his situation. Apparently his mom verbally and physically abuses him, takes all his money, and is kicking him out in a few days. I informed him she can't legally do that - she needs to give him 30 days notice, since he's been contributing, he's a tenant. I also told him to call the police and Legal Aid. No. He doesn't want to do anything about it, he just wants a place to live for 700/mo. Considered moving out of San Diego? Someplace more affordable? Doesn't want to. Okay, best of luck.

Tim asked to come by at 3:30, I said sure when I saw it at 4, then he texted me again at 5:30 asking what time.....he came over, we totaled up how much of the 4k he's used so far. It goes fast. He lingered much longer than normal, and I finally discovered he was meeting someone at PECS. He finally left, my mom called. She's not getting fired, in fact she got a promotion or something, and one of her hamsters died. I was even less of a good audience than normal, though, so it was a relatively short phone call.

DILF was at The Rail, and the Fetish Ball was at World Beat Center. I couldn't decide between them, so I tricked instead. I tricked with Rand about 5 years ago, and we've been meaning to do it again, we just never really found time. He's actually the reason I now list myself as vers instead of vers/bottom. He had a Westie when I saw him last, but now has a different dog, as well as caring for his neighbor's. I brought poppers, but he wanted me to try some of his. Apparently they're proprietary from the Adult Depot, and holy fuckballs are they amazing. I kind of want a case. I came for him at the end, shot everywhere, even over the side of the bed. A decent night overall, and I saved some cash.


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