Mar. 16th, 2017

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Heat in my office was giving me a headache again, and as loathe as I am to send an email, it's affecting my work which I'm ultimately responsible for. Sure enough, when the guy finally got there, it was somewhat cooler than when I sent the email. Feels fine to me! 5 min later we were both boiling, and he kept trying to point out that the vent was shooting cold air out, it was just shooting it parallel with the ceiling. He finally reset the slats. I'm fine with that. I can bundle up as much as I need, but there's only so much I can take off before I get called into HR.

Unfortunately, I never heard back from the client who wanted an outcall. I did get a text from Jim, a guy I've been chatting with for *at least* 5 years but never got around to hooking up with. Got home, splashed some water on my face, headed over to his place. He's a former attorney, also from CWSL, but was practicing estate planning in the late 80s, largely for wealthy gay men dying of AIDS. He lives in a *huge* house on West Spruce, and best of all, has puppies. His dog, Molly is 11 - a senior lady. He's also watching some little curly haired dogs - Effie, Lucy, and Lacy, I think. We chatted, put play sheets down, he smoked some meth, then showered. While he was in the shower, the same client I've been seeing all week asked me if I had time for one last romp. Jim was very understanding of the need to work, though I felt guilty that we'd *only* get 2 hrs together. I shouldn't feel bad that parTy boys want a much longer ride than normal.

Actually, it turns out I it was good that I left when I did, because my stomach started gurgling on the way home. Got back just in time to get cleaned up and greet client at the door. We laid down for a long time before taking our clothes off. It turns out he didn't call me first - he saw Seth on Saturday night and Sunday morning, before he even looks at the non-Gold ads. He apparently had been supposed to get together with him again, but then met me. I don't mind at all, though I feel a little bad for Seth. Right up there with not dealing with flakes and not having to leave parties, one of the things I liked about not escorting was knowing I wasn't taking clients from boys who might need it more.

We finally got around to fooling around, he finally fucked me, I came buckets for him. He still couldn't, and wanted to get dinner after, but it was after 9:30 by then, Plumeria closes at 10, and I was exhausted. He bid me goodbye, but promised to keep in touch, I told Kirby it was safe to come back. I had a couple meatballs just before bed because I hadn't eaten since 1, then crashed next to Lady Miss Friday.


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