Mar. 15th, 2017

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For the last several days, my office has been trying to kill me. It's distractingly hot and I'm getting headaches. I'd send out an email, but of course as soon as I do, it'll shift to cold air. I texted the client in the morning thanking him for a great time and expressing how much I was looking forward to the evening, but didn't get a text from him until he was almost at my place. Apparently he did text me, they just didn't come through.

We had an okay time. We started out watching my homemade porn with Julian, because he'd asked to see softer stuff than my R&R work. That was a little weird for me. Weird at first because of how intensely and lovingly we look at each other. And then weird later because I remembered how that same face would contort when we fought, and all the hateful exchanges and physical fights that also happened. About halfway through our session, some asshat started setting off firecrackers in the alleyway and Lady Miss Friday started freaking out. Growling, jumping all over the bed, even walking across his face. She's normally excellent about staying off the bed while I have guests over, but I guess the desire to hide under the blankets is pretty overpowering. There's days where I feel like that. We moved into the living room, where I eventually came for him and shot a more typically huge load for me than I have been. Apparently, he'd been jerking off to my porn all day, and already came, so he asked to watch my vid with David from PS. It's a really hot vid, tbh, and the boys edited out almost all of my soft dick. He still couldn't cum by the time I had to leave for rehearsal, though. Bummer.

I made it to the SDGMC dancer meeting just in time. They've cut two numbers from the show, but neither that I'm in. Apparently there hasn't been a single rehearsal for any of the pieces yet that's had all dancers present for it. And people *constantly* message Joe to ask him if they have rehearsal in 5 min, and where. Seriously what the fuck people. They wanted to run though several numbers, mine being the last one. Keith didn't remember the choreo, and also couldn't pull up the last video I sent out, so we reviewed it in his office. 4 out of 8 of us were there for it, of course. Daniel has a marginally adversarial relationship with me, so when we were trying to remember who all was missing, even though I'd already mentioned that John was missing he kept repeating "the one from the auditions who was a really really good dancer!" Bitch, I'm right here. Right. Fucking. Here. We added another new boy, we're still not finalizing the ending because we haven't had more than half the dancers there for it yet. I helped the new guy pick it up. I'd offer to go over it with people outside of scheduled rehearsals, but I've been so swamped lately, I doubt I could commit to that.

Kirby had messaged me around noon that he might have a lead on a place, which is great, but he still hasn't fixed his car registration, or several other overdue bills. I explained (again) that I'm not in a rush to get him out of my place, I'm in a rush to get him stably on his feet. I got a bill from Quest Diagnostics for my last STD screening, which is something I'm going to have to call about. I'm not paying $70 for routine screening. Got things set to take with me for tomorrows set of many things to do and finally crashed.


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