Mar. 14th, 2017

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Mostly fine day at work, except for the Executive Director telling me not to put "Esq" after my name in my emails, because people might get confused. McEwen messaged me on the way home, asking how my client was, largely because he's having a hard time budgeting himself on the weekends, particularly while drunk. I told him honestly that it's probably worth the $30 to find out if he enjoys escorting, but if his problems are budgeting, escorting is likely to exacerbate things, and he might want to consider a budgeting app or even measures like leaving his cc/debit at home and just taking a set amount of cash with him. Sunday's client wasn't due until 7:30, so I had a little time when I got home. Don, the host of the Naked Birthday party from a few weeks back, had invited me over to pick up my Twister game and also get fucked. His partner was there when I arrived, which is actually preferable for me, but about 10 min in to me being there, I finally start taking my shoes off and Don explains both of them had mysterious red sores on their mouths the other week, and they're worried it might be primary stage syphilis. Obviously, I'm glad they told me instead of having sex with me, but there were lots of opportunities to tell me before I made sure I was fuck-ready and started taking off my clothes.

I kind of wanted to lay down with Lady Miss Friday when I got home, but she was already sleeping and I didn't want to wake her. Took care of a few things on my computer, though I still forgot to finish my taxes. Lady Miss Friday finally did get up and I was able to make the bed and lay down a bit before he arrived. He's a very easy going guy, as far as the state of my apartment goes and what we're doing in bed. He does tend to take charge in bed, grabbing my dick out of my hands or wrestling us into another position. I think he was hoping I'd cum from the frottage he seemed really into. My shot was kind of awful, actually, though he thought it was big. Not gonna correct him.

He wanted to lay there longer, but it was getting late, and we really needed to get to dinner. Found relatively close parking at Plumeria, he really seemed to enjoy it, as well as our conversation. He's got a boyfriend in New York and a wife back home in Texas who doesn't know about any of his side ventures. He wants to see me again one more time. I'm supposed to have a client on Thursday and see relationship twink tomorrow. Relationship twink can wait. Finally home a little after 10, crashed.


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