Mar. 12th, 2017

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Disadvantage of my tummy being wonky last night - no sex. Advantage - even with the time change, I woke up bright and early, ready to tackle the day. I also dreamt about Hugo. He was outside my apartment waiting for me, I kissed him, and then he gave me a piece of paper with a bunch of strange symbols on it. Drove Kirby to his car, then I went to the store to pick up food for the week and stuff for Jim's birthday brunch. I decided to make potstickers since they're relatively cheap and easy, and bought 3 packs of them. Better too much than too little, right? While I was cooking, I got my first text message from a client off the new ad, saying he loved everything about me. We corresponded briefly, then he asked if he could call. He made an appointment for Tuesday, then called back 30 seconds later to tell me he was hard just talking to me, and would like to book another session tonight. GO ME.

Brunch wasn't nearly as well attended as I thought it was going to be. Jim has a nice condo at the Egyptian, much larger than say, my apartment, but it still gets incredibly crowded for his main parties, which are Pride and Gingerbread. It was awkward at first, but I soon warmed up to everyone, and my potstickers were ridiculously popular. Towards the end of the brunch, Ryan mentioned he was going to a photoshoot for the SDGMC Bachelor Auction. Wait a tick, I'm in that, too! I should probably go. I gave him a ride there, was amazing in my photoshoot and interview, and then we took off to The Hole. He was nice enough to buy a drink for me, everyone was really into flirting with me. Saw Paul & McEwen there, chatted with basically everyone about how excited I was to have my first client off the new ad. I ran into Todd, who explained all about his whole family deals currently, and reassured me that we didn't have any drama or awkwardness on Bear Night. So I have no idea what Andrew was talking about. And then it was suddenly time to leave, because I wanted to get cleaned up one more time before heading up to Carlsbad to meet the guy. And then my stomach decided to be a jackass again. I texted with the client to let him know I'd be late, but even getting there nearly an hour later, was not able to get fucked. And I'd had such a long day, and it was so exhausting getting cleaned up, I couldn't get fully hard even with two Viagra. For his part, he was great. Didn't seem to mind that I couldn't get hard, didn't mind just oral, still wants to see me again on Tuesday. Wants to hire me, but then take me to dinner off the clock. I can do that. Finally back home, I tried to get cleaned up one last time, hoping I could at least jerk off before bed, but my stomach was *still* wonky.


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