Mar. 10th, 2017

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Whether they were allergies or illness, Dayquil did wonders for them. Got through a final busy day at work, texted around. Justin was home from PS, seemingly already high or drunk. I got introduced to Steven the Helix model again, as he didn't remember either of the last times. Mitch didn't say how much he wanted, just "enough to have a good night all night." Justin gave me enough to keep someone going for 8 hrs, depending on their susceptibility. Turns out it's for Mitch's pseudo-boyfriend who doesn't drink at all. Kirby was home when I got back and feeling very chatty. I was not, unfortunately, as I was tired and wanted to get cleaned up in case Mitch wanted to fuck before going to the party. Even if Mitch didn't, Peter messaged me. I could probably have had them both over, of course, but Peter gets invited to a lot of my groups, and never invites me to his. Mitch didn't have time to fuck anyway, so I just had Peter over. Hardest I've been in a long time, though I still didn't cum for him.

I was just a little late to the party, which was a sparse, diverse group. McEwen was there, fairly tipsy already, and almost immediately launched into telling me about a bunch of drama with one of Mitch's friends. I'm going to preface (and then later suffix) this whole story by saying it would all have been avoided if more people were inclusive, like me. Mitch's friend Arthur visited, and Mitch told McEwen that he really liked this guy. Naturally, McEwen took him home and fucked him. A couple times. Mitch explained he was a little upset, and would like McEwen to just take him for the rest of his trip, which he agreed to. Arthur then proceeded to hit on every guy that McEwen talked to the second McEwen's attention was away. Going to the bathroom, getting a drink, blinking, etc. And also abandoned McEwen at a bar at some point when some other friends showed up. I don't understand why McEwen didn't make sure in include Mitch in the initial fucking, and I really don't understand why Arthur then tried to steal all the guys that McEwen was flirting with. Matt Neal, the gent I had the 4 way with, and was one of my tops from years ago, was also there, but seemed a bit standoffish. I'd later find out he thought McEwen and I were going home together and just didn't want to intrude...but he'd also later ask about a 3 way, so I'm not sure why he was so shy in person.

The best part of the evening, of course, was a husky named Oso. Multi-colored eyes, super sweet. I had tremendous anxiety about asking if I could pet him at first. I don't know why it's so nerve wracking, but it is. When the party moved out to the front and I petted him a second time, there was a long haired Dachshund being held, and every time I stopped petting Oso to pet the other dog, Oso would whine in that adorable husky way.


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