Mar. 9th, 2017

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Even busier day at work, tons and tons of claims. RM is a little different from RB. You can't have explicit sex in your pics, but you do get a Private Album, and you can add video. Also, they send you a message every time a registered user views your profile. That same fear I had before I put up my first ad bubbled up - what if no one hires me? What if I'm too old/fat/small/me? The difference, of course, is that I'm no longer dependent on that to pay my rent. A 21 y/o twink who is actively against hookups, only wants a relationship started hitting me up, which makes no sense at all. But he's new here, and I know kind of a lot of people, so I can help him make friends.

I was possibly supposed to get together with a tweaker who's been hitting me up, but the last we'd chatted, he'd tried to move our time to 1pm, and I can't be ready for sex before 4:45. It could be a fun, kinky time with him - he wants to edge me on his massage table - or it could be awful because tweaker. He wasn't online when I got home anyway, so nothing doing there. I put away the dishes, but I'd started to feel either under the weather or allergies, and didn't want to take chances, so laying down with Lady Miss Friday seemed like the wisest option. A couple other boys hit me up, but no one I was excited enough to go after. Mark invited me over to watch Feud with some friends at his place. He's a gent from Scruff who'd expressed interest in me, but cautioned he wasn't interested in hiring me as an escort. I *hate* escorts who solicit clients off of non-escort sites. It's trashy and cruel and everything I don't want to do by escorting.

Mark lives over by the fancy part of Kensington, and in inviting me had told me not to worry about not knowing anyone there. I don't. :-) Everyone loves me, and at least two of them are going to come to the SDGMC show. Mark also just bought a yellow Porsche, albeit a salvage one. This led to most people showing their cars, which means nothing to me, except as possible photography props. The show itself was surprisingly good. Given the very little I know of Ryan Murphy, I was expecting the whole things to be much more salacious/schadenfreudish, but it was surprisingly humanizing and sympathetic to both. Mark made out with me on my way out, but I really needed to get home. Got a long day tomorrow, and I'm desperately hoping that my sniffles have been allergies instead of getting sick.


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