Mar. 8th, 2017

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Both Lynelle and Dave were out of the office, so a few of the other Claimers & Paralegals were feeling silly, but between the MCLE, the influx of ancient claims, and a few sudden fires that needed to be put out, I couldn't really enjoy it. I worked out twice in my office, and then continually at home in between petting Lady Miss Friday. I also finally did more work on my new ad. I've done this before, I've helped other people with it. I have no idea why this is so hard. I had to leave for rehearsal before I was completely happy with it, and I'm gonna have to revisit/rewrite/reupload photos for it, but it's done.

Rehearsal was strange, but not awful. People who weren't there on Saturday were there tonight, and people who were there on Saturday were largely missing. John clearly did his homework, though no one else did. He's going to be our Hamilton. He's not as strong a dancer, but he's got a more regal presence, so this makes sense. I did much better on this video taping of the rehearsal than the last one, actually, despite being just as tired. They make it a lot more difficult now, to be honest. You have to use your own credit card to pay the first month, and then verify it by taking a picture with your ID, CC, and a signed and dated statement authorizing use. And my first one got rejected because it wasn't clear enough. Also, apparently I have nearly no pics of me saved on my hard drive. Thank heavens for Flickr.

A couple people hit me up, trying very politely but very insistently to get me to do things I don't want to. One guy is into pits and man smells. I'm fine not washing mine, but he definitely needs to wash his. Another wants me to blow him and then blow all over my face. Fine! As long as there's fucking in between those things. No go on either, but a lot of very nice attempts to convince me.

Tim texted me a part he needs, so I attempted to buy it via Ebay mobile. Didn't need to log in to Ebay or Paypal, just clicked Buy It Now, then Commit to Buy, and it was all done! Great! Except that Paypal constantly defaults to taking the money out of my bank account instead of my credit card, and eBay didn't even show I'd be paying with Paypal, much less the source of funds for the Paypal, much less allow you to choose that source. Fuck that. Requested a refund, sent messages to both companies. I feel bad for the vendor, of course, but good lord.


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