Mar. 6th, 2017

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Woke up around 5, which is better than most other Mondays have been lately. I'll take it. No parking, but the walk did me good and I was in early. Stayed on task, worked out in my office, tried to figure out plans for after. Brian, the alcoholic from a a few weeks back wanted to get together, but we hadn't set a time. Neil, an older gent from Scruff, wanted to get together but also wouldn't nail down a time. Matt, Mitch's friend from PECS hit me up, clarifying he got out at 6 and wouldn't mind me having a few loads in me already. That's a winner. Towards the end of the work day, a Hispanic gent by the sn Whateverthefuck hit me up with a vers/bottom friend, but they weren't going to be available until 5:30. I explained I was meeting a friend at 6, but if they wanted to come over for a quickie, sure, and they agreed.

Somehow I got home at 4:45 despite leaving on time and not encountering any traffic. Not a good start to the evening I had planned. I got cleaned up and made it out of the shower at 5:32, but didn't hear back from the boys. Fine with that, really. Matt came over once he was off work, took one look at my chest and told me we'd fucked before. Apparently he used to attend Roman's gangbangs as a top, and my scars make me memorable. Small gay world. We had a great time, though I'm not really happy with myself in retrospect. Because I failed to assert boundaries several times throughout the night. Starting with him fucking me without lube. We still had a stellar time, and for the most part, he was good about checking in on limits, asking if he could spit in my mouth and such. We'd been fucking for a while when I was riding him and suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I didn't order a pizza...? And no one was at the door, either. Checked my phone and Whatever had been very late and decided to just show up. Hopped back on Matt, messaged them to just join us. The heavier of the two still needed to shower, but the other one hopped in with gusto. Actually, even once he got out of the shower, he seemed fairly uncomfortable and asked if he could do a booty bump. Your body, man.

I mostly bottomed, as my dick had decided to be a dick. I did manage to get hard to briefly fuck Whatever, but Matt moved in behind me and fucked me at the same time, and I can never stay consistently hard for that. Whatever found my dildo and fucked me with it (but used silicone lube - fine for me, bad for the toy). Matt decided to explore the rest of my toy chest, used my Hitachi on his dick while Whatever and I went butt to butt on my double ended. Whatever's boyfriend was largely too high and/or nervous to partake in most of the activities, but he did eat my ass, give some head, and apparently managed to take some of the ridiculously massive dildo a friend gave me. Crazy.

Eventually, I came for Matt while riding him, shot everywhere. Not Hugo level, but nothing ever is. Whatever's boyfriend, surprisingly, came from jerking and fucked it into me. Matt almost came while fucking Whatever, but jumped over to me at the last minute. I've never been a load whore - no more than I am a whore for other things, anyway, and more importantly I've never been a load hoarder. But it would have felt weird for Matt to fuck this other guy and cum in him when I was the host.

Matt hung out chatting a while longer. Too long, really, as the TJ's nearby was just about closed. I finally checked my phone. Brian had messaged me about a dozen times, getting progressively more angry and frustrated. I explained I didn't have my phone on me and we hadn't set a time. I tried to stay up for a response, but ended up crashing.


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