Mar. 4th, 2017

Bear Night

Mar. 4th, 2017 06:27 pm
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Dave had sent an email about us recording a promo video for the fundraiser campaign, which, okay but we didn't discuss that at all. I also couldn't find the mask to my Robin costume. We were both cranky, I misread the time we were supposed to get together, he bitched at me about my not responding to all his emails. I pulled over to the side of the road and debated going home. But I calmed myself down, put on my big boy pants and drove out. We made up, I petted the dogs, we recorded the video, and he showed me around the back yard where we'll eventually be filming. If I can get anyone to commit to a fucking date. Part of the problem is that the company is one of many things I'm doing, where it's all he's doing.

Took off from there, shoved some food down my throat and drove out to Point Loma for rehearsal. We're learning "Alexander Hamilton" from the musical. It's okay. Kind of a mix between lyrical jazz and hip hop. I dig it. The stage movement put me center stage for the main dance bit at first, but then he choreographed it again and it moved me away. Okay. And if I have to hear the phrase "developing organically" one more time I might scream. Roughly half the dancers cast didn't show up, so they might all get cut. Glad I skipped PS.

Stopped at the store on the way back to pick up food and litter for Lady Miss Friday, but also dinner fixins to have dinner with Kenneth. McEwen messaged me about Bear Night, but just to tell me he'd meet me there with his new friend. Got back home, shoved more food down my throat, showered, shaved, then drove off to pick up FHA. I remembered Twister, but forgot to bring alcohol. He needed to stop at the store anyway, where we happened to run into Aimee. She decided we were acting weird. I didn't think we were, but my tummy certainly was, so I asked if we could detour back to my place anyway.

Finally arrived at the party, which was a surprisingly fun time. I wasn't feeling all the debauchery, but I did manage to suck some dick and have Dominic, the host, insert a puppy tail. Then it was off to bear night. I paid our cover, FHA got our first drink...or would have, but a friend bought mine. We ran into Nick, and into Thomas, the nice top I'd been seeing for a bit. He also hasn't heard back from the guy who's house we met at. McEwen messaged again, but didn't know there was a cover since his "amazing friend Eric" always paid it. Well, I can't really argue with that. Unfortunately, the whole place was packed as fuck, so we ended up leaving shortly after 1. Given my recent history with getting too drunk at Bear Night, I'm actually fine with this. Plus, since I was having Sosa over for breakfast in the morning, probably a good idea not to host an afterparty.


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