Mar. 3rd, 2017

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Crashing early seems to have paid off, as I had more energy than previously. Still not up to where I was, but enough to get my work done, even with Kathy out, work out in the office, and cash my checks on my break. Lady Miss Friday was being very affectionate, and I was more than a little tired, so looking forward to just spending the night with her, but Leeper invited me to Top of The Bay. Oh, alright! He picked me up with his roommate, but then we drove to North Park...isn't ToB the other way? Stopping at Justin's first then. That's fine. I re-met Nick and his partner Victor, had a drink. Larry left to pick up another friend, but I guess he Ubered or something, because his car was still blocking Justin's in. They finally came back - apparently Aaron, the gent he went to get, had left his butt plug and cock rings at a trick's house. Clearly an urgent matter. Parking downtown was *insane* just trying to drive around to look for parking was insane. Leeper ended up getting valet. The crowd was also insane, and they clearly weren't prepared for it. I guess it's been really slow lately, but this is the first warm day in a while, and the start of their fancy new event. I lost track of them when I stopped to say his to people....about 10 times. I did eventually find them again, and managed to stay with them the rest of the night. Hit it off surprisingly well with Aaron, and will possibly play with him at some point. Steven, a young gent who's done some work for Helix, joined us but didn't remember seeing me. He's an interesting mix of of the arrogance you'd expect from a Helix model and self-depreciation.

Leeper's roommate was wasted drunk, so we stopped at Taco Bell before going back to Justin's. Most of the boys did coke, I think, and wanted to go out to Rich's, but I called it a night instead.


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