Feb. 28th, 2017

Veer Up

Feb. 28th, 2017 10:17 pm
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Stitch scared me when he got back much later, but sleeping next to him is not bad at all. Unfortunately, Lady Miss Friday woke us up early by throwing up off the side of the bed. Could've been worse. Confirmed with Jay and Jason about the shoot. Jay had work until 7:15, but also needed to be at Mardi Gras...at some point? And Jason is staying in Mira Mesa, so not exactly close. We'll make it work.

Tyler got back to me - he still wants to Skype with me, I was on the edge of the cuts for the Summer Shoot, wants to talk to me more about my availability. I'm literally available the whole time, I just have to take vacation time to do it.

Took care of some miscellaneous outstanding tasks at work, including still trying to track down a missing record. Superior Court has a tracking number, admins say it wasn't in that package. Worked out twice in my office, edged in the stalls. We also had our quarterly meeting to discuss the claims process. As always, I'm no gunner, but if everyone else is being silent I'll take the lead. I'd hoped to get more edging done before I left, but a bunch of claims to be tagged got dropped off.

Ran back to my car, zipped home...as fast as the awful traffic from Mardi Gras road closures would let me, anyway. Stitch was there when I got there, wanting to chat, but I really didn't have time. Skyped with Tyler, got the gig. He's a nice guy, but also very in charge of everything. I let him do most of the talking. He gave the ground rules, etc, then gave personal advice that I take "lawyer" off my Twitter, even though I already explained to him that's not what they mean by morality, and also advised that I keep my porn and professional life completely separate. That's not something I'd really be even capable of doing, even if I was a) interested and b) could go back in time to do, but I didn't say any of that. I almost got in trouble in describing myself as a vers/bottom, because I'm hyperaware that my dick isn't big enough to top in porn. He thinks we're roughly the same size. Supposedly, he's roughly the same length, though I'm almost 100% certain he's longer, and even more certain he's much thicker. He even rebooked my flights so I only have to miss two days instead of 3. I'm excited.

That done, I was finally able to chat with Stitch. He'd hooked up with a bearded ginger boy earlier, great fun, but the ginger boy saw his skin and freaked out. Boo. He'd also done some shopping, buying a Pan-Am bag from Mankind. Not in his budget, but he loves them so. He took off for Mardi Gras activities, I got cleaned up for the shoot. I kind of hate the decision making process for deep vs regular clean, which is why these days I usually end up just doing a quick one. A gent who's been after me forever (that most guys who've been after me, given how busy and dating I've been) hit me up, so I had him over for a quickie. My stomach started being a little wonky, but was fine for him. After he left I wasn't so fine...then I was...then I wasn't...then I was...? And then I had to pick up Jay from work and get us to the shoot. Packed my travel bag, just in case. On the one hand, if I'd done a deep clean, I'd have blamed that for the troubles. On the other hand, maybe I'd have been more efficient.

They took promo pics for Jay, we got down to business...and then my nose started bleeding. FUCK. During the shoot, my lip bled a little, my ass was a little pink, but no disasters. Jay and I are honestly great on screen together. He's a pro top and a good mix of intimate and rough, I'm a pro bottom, piggy and intimate. My shot wasn't what I was hoping for. I had a hard time getting hard because of the position Jay needed to cum in, and them wanting me to cum in the same shot.

We chatted briefly after while Jay got into his regalia and drank straight from his bottle of rum. They have 4 back to back shoots tomorrow, which totally explains why I had to jump through so many hoops to make my scene happen. Also talked fetishes - Jason is into ws but not felching, and especially doing amateur porn, he really doesn't trust bottoms. Amateur enough that he's gotten a bunch of guys on set who don't even know how to clean up. Thankfully Dave insists we use pros, but also thankfully I've been the bottom for every shoot. And whatever porn Gods exist out there, they're at least looking after me that way.

Dropped Jay off in front of the faire, thought about meeting Stitch and Alex for a drink at PECS, but I was tired and still randy. Chatted briefly with Kirby at home, then jerked off again. Much better this time, and so could I was kind of vocal.


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