Feb. 27th, 2017

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Woke up crazy early and couldn't get back to sleep. Ended up fucking Stitch for a bit before leaving for work. The rain was significant and I couldn't find my umbrella, but I found magic parking. Like most hangover days, I was randy and unmotivated. I kept having to run to the bathroom and edge myself in a stall. I also messaged my first grade teacher, who's now a higher up with the Board of Education about finding a job for Matt.

Corresponded briefly in the morning with Tyler Reed, who is setting up the Las Vegas shoot.We scheduled a Skype interview for right when I get home, but then I got an email declining casting me. Confusing to say the least. And upsetting. On the plus side, I did get confirmation about the Guybone shoot tomorrow.

Tim messaged that he was at my place, and gave details on the slip fees, but I didn't get around to doing it. He was still at my apartment when I got home, and tried to tease me about fucking Stitch. He didn't really, and IDGAF anyway, but having him there in addition to Stitch and Kirby was starting to grate on my need to have any space of my own. Deciding to be productive, I went through the Clarence Good photoshoot, updated a number of online profiles and got an excellent response. Also updated my journal, though I'm missing a few hours on Saturday, unless I really just did nothing with them. Tim finally left around 7:30.

Iowa gent had asked to Skype with me over the weekend, but I begged off until today. He's still trying to get me to do blatantly illegal things, and also talking about marrying me. I give what advice and support I can. A couple boys hit me up to play, but Stitch's stomach wasn't cooperating, and I got the distinct impression he didn't want me to play there without him being involved. So frustrating. Kirby came home and thought I was mad at him for some reason, even though/because we barely spoke when he got there. He apparently lost $50 at The Eagle on Saturday, which sucks. I almost gave him $50, since I won $100 that night, but I stopped myself. I'm doing enough. The two of them finally left - Kirby to meet friends at Betty's and Stitch to meet Scottie at Mankind. He invited me, but forgot that I wake up at 6. I edged more before realizing I was exhausted and crashing.


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