Feb. 26th, 2017

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Tim asked to come over in the morning, so I made tofu scramble and waffles for everyone and had some amaretto in my coffee. Just to take the edge off. Stitch was a firm Clinton supporter, but not so much as to be unreasonable. He and Tim had a lot to talk about, and if all (political) discourse could be so productive we'd get a lot more done. Kirby had to leave for work, and Tim had boat things to do, but not before asking for money again.

Kapphahn had messaged me late the night before, and was more responsive this time than last, so we had him over for a 3 way and cocktails. He's a hoot. We all flip fucked, Stitch came in him, I ate it out, then they DP'd me and both came in me. We hung out drinking and chatting after, and I was randy enough that I almost grabbed a toy to ride while we did. While we were just hanging out drinking and chatting, Peter messaged me, asking for a Round 2 with Stitch. Ran it by the boys, made sure Peter was okay with them having been drinking. More flip fucking, though Peter only bottomed.

Tim and Steve were having a going away party at Brick Bar, so we drove over there. It wasn't really our crowd, so we didn't stay long, opting for The Hole instead, though Kapphahn tapped out to check on a guy he was interested in. It was kind of dead. I guess it had rained earlier. I saw Sunny there, informed him I wanted to play with him and his partner, met some of his friends and a nice young lady who loves dogs. On my way to get drinks, I saw and made out with Andrew, who has apparently broken up with his boyfriend. Then Brad, who was fairly tipsy, dragged me to the bathroom and fucked me. I'm glad I packed lube and poppers. I'd rather have a 3 way with him and his partner, but I guess things are rocky for them right now. Next time. Also, he apparently wants to marry me.

Sunny invited us to an Oscar's party at his place, but they live way out in East County, so that's not happening. Instead, we trucked over to PECS. Kapphahn joined us again, though still without his boy, and Andrew invited me to go to PS with him and some friends this weekend. Stitch is considering extending his stay, so it'll kind of depend on that. Hugo messaged me again, and I was tipsy enough to ask him to come back.


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