Feb. 21st, 2017


Feb. 21st, 2017 12:49 pm
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Lindsay is out this week, so I'm doing her eservice, a portion of her mail, a portion of her claims, and I'm 3 days behind on my own claims and case offers. And because we had the holiday, there's a ridiculous amount of mail anyway. I busted ass all day, worked out on my lunch, was a little less behind by the time I got out. There was an issue with a case I'd been told not to work up, but then the attorney rushed into my office asking the status. All fine in the end, but a lot with everything else.

Hugo had stayed up until 5am, though doing what, I'm not sure. He was going to dinner with friends tonight, so I wouldn't be seeing him. Found myself too tired to hook up, though, and my butt needs a break for a little while. I had to stop at my friend's place to pick up his printer. The one I bought is broken thanks to Couch Brian, friend is moving and giving it away. Norman wanted some supplements, and scheduled a session with just me for Friday after work.

My dishes seem to be even more endless than most people's laundry, so I tidied up the place a little for Kirby and then browsed Tumblr a little until I couldn't take looking at the absurdly blessed people on there anymore. My mom called and talked for 2 hours. She might get fired at work, which might actually be great for her. She's been there 11 years, working her barely-above minimum wage retail job, but has had office jobs in the past, and it wouldn't take her much to update her skills via Allison or the like. She talked about never dating again, about dates and pseudo-dates she'd been on, how she has very few friends up there, and some drama with her side of the family. Apparently both my Aunt & Uncle have stage 4 cancer, and one of their daughters never recovered from her bout(s?) with cancer, but is also a raging bitch. She also talked about selling her house up there and moving down here. That would work great for me, as it might mean I'd get a house eventually. I even offered to help her social scene, as I know most of Hillcrest, but that wouldn't really work for her, as my tribe isn't her tribe. I get it, but I don't know that she really has a tribe at this point.

Kirby ended up getting home while I was journaling, asking for ground rules for staying with me. I feel bad in retrospect, because I think he wants me to give him structure. I guess I can, it's just not something that comes naturally or easily or at all. Don't drink all my damn booze. You're not my housekeeper, but if you see something that needs cleaning, go for it, and I'll do the same. These aren't really things that should need to be "rules" in my book, but based on past experiences, they do need to be made explicit. Even though he'd just gotten home, I crashed early.


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