Feb. 20th, 2017

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Woke up on my living room floor at 3:30am, and to a FB message from Hugo, asking me to call him. Explained that I'd lost my phone, then Located said phone to see it was in Oceanside. Presumably in Matt's car. Messaged him about that, too. Nothing to be done with a dead car and no phone, so I hopped online. Edged more, had a guy over. He's been after me for a while. I think his name was Eddie. Another gent I'd been chatting with hit me up, but as soon as I gave him my address, my stomach started getting wonky. Hopped in the shower and got things taken care of, but missed him at my door by 5 min. Fortunately, he was still online, so I was able to message. He's a tall, somewhat thin man but *huge.* I was a little worried about things, since it had taken me so long to get ready, but he came, I was fine.We laid in bed chatting for a while after. He does IT in Seattle, was just down for a HS reunion with friends. He fucked me again, this time with me riding, and I came in spite of myself. Another gusher, so at least there's that.

Matt wasn't coming down for another few hours, so I fired up the nostaliga machine and played some LoZ. Got bored with that and went back to porn, ended up cumming again, with another great shot. Actually a stellar orgasm, too. One of the best I've ever had without poppers. I could get used to this. I went back to playing video games, and was still there when Matt walked in. Not like he could've texted. I called the warranty number for my car, but they don't know if it's something that's covered. Until I get it to the dealer and presumably pay a diagnostic fee. Urgh.

With my phone finally back, I saw a million and one messages from Hugo from the night before, both via text and WhatsApp. He'd looked and looked for me, even walking to my place, but finally went out to Flick's, Gossip, and Rich's. I'm glad he had fun. I messaged him, invited him to the birthday at Mo's, but he declined. Since Matt was kind enough to come down, I bought his first drink, but declined to get one for myself. My "Come in me, Bro" shirt was a big hit. Bart, the shorter gent from the party was there, as well as Andre, a fairly tipsy gent who wanted to make out with me. I got a message from Hugo that he'd decided to come after all, so I stopped making out with Andre. He found another trick right fast, so no harm done. I did end up having a drink, and even saw Bryan there, who was tipsy and offered to buy my drink, which I declined. I appreciate when he does, but don't want to take advantage. I saw Daniel and Brian there, the fetish couple that used(?) to live at Dan's place. They both have Mountain Man beards, but are also both very handsome. Brian in particular has extremely warm eyes. They want me to fist them, which I'm down with as soon as Hugo is gone. Hugo mentioned he had been invited to two orgies the night before, and even showed me the text where he asked them if he could bring "his man." I didn't see the rest of the conversation with the host though, so I have to take him at his word that he didn't go. Especially since despite my statement that I didn't hook up with anyone last night, he asked repeatedly if I had.

Tim asked if he could come by with Pupple, and since I needed a jump anyway, I said sure. Matt had 3 drinks in the brief time we were there, and was considering a 4th when Hugo said he wanted pizza before we left. The three of us hit Pieology, which is a surprisingly affordable and vegan/GF inclusive place. Hugo got very upset that a wrongly made order was thrown out instead of given to the homeless people less than a block away. Matt explained that would be seen as encouraging them to come around. I gave a dollar to the crazy man asking for change outside, which is not as good as a pizza.

Tim joined us at home and gave my car a jump, Matt and Hugo ate their pizzas, I made Matt a drink. Tim wanted to talk to me about Kirby, who has apparently been struggling for a while and finally ended up homeless. Of course my place is available. Kirby wants to pay $100/week to feel like he's not taking advantage of me. While that would certainly help, I'd rather he spend that money on things like his car registration, which expired in August. And he's received 4 tickets for it already, which if unpaid, means a 5th one gets his car towed.

Matt left to meet Mitch at Uptown. Mitch asked him to bring me, but of course I have rehearsal. Matt didn't want to get too drunk before going, because it would hurt that much worse when Mitch went home with someone else. Huh. I opted not to change for rehearsal, since the rehearsal space doesn't really allow us to go full out anyway. A couple boys have already dropped out of the piece, and we're replacing them with progressively worse dancers. Tim and Pupple watched a while but left when Pupple got antsy and I kept having to come over and console him. Hugo came back with his sammich from Whole Foods, and then we walked back to my place. He might eventually take a dance class himself. He doesn't really know what he wants to do. Join the club.

I offered him a ride home, but an Uberpool was only $3, so I left him take that. Jerked off a 3rd time and went to bed.


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