Feb. 18th, 2017

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Hugo had messaged me a little after 1 am, but I had just passed out. So had Billy, as he was high. Made some coffee, cleaned up a little. Just as I was about to leave for rehearsal, Tim called & texted. He was in the drive way, and could he come inside to say hi? Sure, though I'm on my way out. I was the first person to rehearsal, and pleasantly surprised to see that EOS has installed hardwood floors in what was the carpeted yoga room we use for rehearsal. I was particularly worried about learning Newsies up there. It's fine to say, audition a piece with turns on carpet. It's not fine to have every rehearsal have turns on carpet. The piece itself is cute. A sendup of various musicals, and therefore incorporating the styles of them. Unfortunately, his choreography puts me in the back for the main dance part of the piece. I'm not being arrogant when I say I'm the best dancer there, and I'm going to pull focus where ever I am on stage. If that's the back row, that's the back row.

Peter hit me up on my way back, so I invited him over. Tim's phone was still there, and he had a couple tabs open. Closed his tabs, but no clue how to let him know he'd forgotten his phone, and I hopped in the shower. But as soon as I had, I heard his voice outside my door. He'd just taken Pupple for a walk, why didn't I save his work on that open tab? Well, it's been 3 hours since you said you were stopping by to say hello, and you've literally never closed any document you've worked on at my computer, so....also, I have a trick coming over, so you need to go. I was bitchier than I needed to have been, which seems to be my MO when it comes to people carelessly ignoring boundaries.

Had fun with Peter, took Hugo to Whole Foods so he could get a sammich. Tom Miller met us at my place, and we drove over. Hugo wanted to eat his sammich inside, which I vetoed. I gave him my keys, instead, to let him run back whenever he decided he wanted to eat. There was a sign outside next to a box of masks, telling everyone to put on one before coming inside, but no one inside was wearing them. Cute. Actually cute was the tiny Chihuahua that ran up to us as soon as we entered. Her name is Dior and she's 21. Not in dog years - in people years. I planned to just sit on the ground with her for the rest of the party, but she decided she wanted to be carried instead. Hugo found their collection of David LaChapelle books, so we were kind of adorable there for a minute.

A shorter gent named Bart seemed to have a thing for me, and I'd have probably have gone home with him if I hadn't been with Hugo. Hugo wanted to know how many people at the party I'd had sex with, though the party was surprisingly light on guys I've Known. Funnily enough, the Daddy Hugo played with before showed up and was on his jock all night. Particularly when I wasn't near him, which is more upsetting. Tom was on my jock, mentioning repeatedly how great we'd be as a couple. We finally called it a night around 1, I drove us home, Hugo Ubered back to his place


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