Feb. 17th, 2017


Feb. 17th, 2017 05:47 pm
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In spite of the forecast, it wasn't terribly cloudy as I left for work, so I left my door open. Tons of work to catch up on, and while I got through it all, I'll be behind by the time I get back on Tuesday. Ben called me, just passing through and wanting to get lunch. He might swing back down for brunch on Sunday, though. I stayed after chatting with JJD just briefly which turned out to be a mistake, as the rain started coming down as soon as I left. Ran all the way to my car, made it home and buttoned up the place before the rain really started coming down.

Hugo was going to Flick's with friends, but hadn't invited me, so I was on my own. A daddy from Portland Woofed at me, and I initially ignored it because I thought he was downtown, but then he said he was at Lafayette and had two other tops there wanting to breed me. Okay! Took me forever to find parking, but I finally got there. One of the other tops was a gorgeous beefy guy with a massively thick cock, and the other was an Awkward bear. I sucked the beefy guy while Awkward rimmed me, and then Awkward fucked me. As soon as he did, Daddy pulled Beefy to the other bed to fuck. It was honestly awkward, and Awkward and I both seemed to get the feeling that I was just there to keep him occupied while Daddy fucked Beefy. Fortunately, Beefy really liked me, so when he got close, he left Daddy to fill me up. Daddy fucked me next, then he sat on my face until Awkward came. There was a little bit of a mess on the bed, which I freaked out about until Awkward said it was probably him. He'd tried to get cleaned up earlier, and cum so hard he lost control. Poor Awkward. Beefy, it turns out, is local, while Daddy and Awkward are in a relationship. That makes uncomfortable sense. I stayed after chatting with them a while, caught up in the endorphins of it all, but finally headed home.

Billy hit me up about either going out or staying in and stretching his hole, but I didn't feel up to topping like that. Brian, a gent I've chatted with for years, hit me up, and our schedules finally worked out, so he came over. I made him a drink, he said hi to Hover and Lady Miss Friday, we chatted for a while. He's moving to Mission Valley because he's drinking too much and it's causing damage in his life. Oooookay. I had a stellar time with him, but that should sort of go without saying since he's an addict. Addicts/former addicts/addictive people make amazing lovers. I still hoped to make it to DILF, but ended up passing out instead. Save me some money, at least.


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