Feb. 16th, 2017

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Hugo is very hard to wake up in the morning, and it turns out I was only partially(?) dreaming last night, because he apparently stayed up until midnight. I did finally manage to get him up and to his appointment. $25 for the exam, and he's got a fissure. They were going to test him for other stuff, but wanted $60 for a blood test. He's just going to wait until he gets back to Switzerland, which I guess means we're not fucking? Sex isn't important to him...which is the same thing I've heard from everyone else who's ever been shady with me. Work was really hard. I asked if I could swap this Monday for another, like they'd offered for the last one, and the answer was no. I'd also been neglecting my claims all week while I worked on backlog from the holiday and people being out. Hugo was going out with straight friends downtown, I got hit up by Chad and then by Chris, but then remembered I had my own appointment. Laid down at home for a bit, then journaled and got cleaned up. I'm not seeing Schmerber, but I do like to be presentable.

I saw Lopinicki, a lesbian I've seen before, but I don't think I got along with. We got along fine this time, she stood on the other side of the curtain while I swabbed myself. Literally everyone there seemed amazed that I'd be coming in just to get STD screened. My copay is $45, which I guess isn't bad given all the tests, but damn. Looks like I'm coming every 3 months now. Hugo had one of his sweet moments, sending me heart and flower emojis, then saying he wished he could be at the doctor's with me.

I hit the store after while I messaged with Chad, who invited me over anyway. I got to see his cat, Kona, who loves me more than she does his partner, but less than she does him. We laid on the couch talking about boys and work and such. He's a manager of a hospital, and been working 60 hr weeks lately. Made out more, then got to fucking. I topped him, he topped me, I came for him. Voluminous, but not good distance. I at least hit his face, though.


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