Feb. 14th, 2017


Feb. 14th, 2017 05:49 pm
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4am. Are you kidding me?! Made it to work, got through the day. Suzanne was out, so there was a little more. Dave had sent a couple emails over the weekend, but I didn't get a chance to respond to them. I picked up Hugo on my way out so we could get tested. We found parking, but 1) I forgot my wallet art work, and 2, they were full of clients and short on doctors. The lady at the front desk offered to make an appointment for the next evening, but Hugo declined at the last minute, saying he'd just get tested when he gets home. Suit yourself, kid.

He had no plans for the night, so I suggested we finally make dinner together, and he suggested pizza. Since it was still so early, we zipped back down to the office so I could get my wallet, but then hit awful traffic on the way back. Everything was backed up for blocks. Hugo apparently gets motion sickness, so he spent most of the trip groaning and whining in the passenger seat. Finally got to the store, picked up fixins. Tim asked if he could bring Pupple by, I deferred to Hugo, Hugo deferred to me, I finally said sure. We actually had a good time making the pizza....or Hugo watching me make pizza. Also, it was one of the better pizzas I've made, and even the TJ's vegan cheese came out pretty well. We chatted on the couch after briefly. Hugo is very upset about his trip coming to a close and leaving me. He's odd - very reserved, to the point of being cold, but then suddenly gushing some real and slightly uncomfortable emotion. We laid down after dinner, and he might have fallen asleep briefly on top of me. I thought we might fuck, but then Tim showed up. I was a little irritated that he'd even asked to come over on VD when I was making dinner with Hugo, but it turned out to be fine. Tim made the sweet potatoes that we brought, Hugo gave Pupple some treats...but also snapped, and clapped, and was generally very jumpy. In the course of our dinner discussion, I discovered that he's actually Albanian, but his parents moved from Kosovo before he was born. I kicked everyone out around 9:30, which meant giving Hugo a ride home and then kicking Tim out again when I got back. Too tired to do anything but crash.


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