Feb. 10th, 2017

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There was zero parking anywhere. Nothing close, nothing far, not on any go around and time started running out. I figured I'd grab 2 hour parking and move my car later, but a spot magically opened up right hten. Thank gawd. As another blessing, uut of nowhere, a gift for Sean came to me in the morning. Piano sheet music from Yann Tiersen. Too late to purchase (they don't sell digital copies, because we're in the Stone Age), but I was able to find a bunch of it online from other transcribers, so I made a book for him. Towards the end of the day, Hugo asked where he could go out tonight, but said he wasn't sure about going without me. He's amazing, but also 23. Jason had originally wanted to leave around 3, but then contacted me to say they might not be leaving until much later, if tonight at all. That's no good, because if I see Hugo, I will probably not be able to abandon him leave for the weekend. But then a few hours later Jason said we were clear for 4:30...then 5....then 5:30. We finally got on the road around 6, but the traffic was TERRIBLE. Jason had us singing along to Avenue Q, I crawled through to the trunk so Chris could get a drink, and we ended up having to pull over on the side of the road so I could piss.

When we finally got to PS, the boys were naked in the hot tub, so I gave Sean a hello BJ before going to get cleaned up and have a drink. The boys got out, I got introduced to everyone, and then we had a 5 way. Sean was more than a little drunk already, so he kept fucking me after the 5 way - over the couch, at the kitchen table, etc. The night basically continued like that, drinking and socializing and fucking. Hugo messaged me - alone in his room, sad about the end of his trip, and wondering why I was so far away. But then quickly changed tracks to say it was fine, I should enjoy my trip. I took a pic of the still clothed boys, said everyone was wasted, including me, and that I missed him.


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