Feb. 5th, 2017

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Messaged with Nick on some of the details from the night before. I think I'm going to keep pre-drinking for bear night, but switch to water at the club. Or something. Also chatted with Thomas, the gent from the orgy a few weeks back, and last Monday. He'd had drunk pizza after the club. No less drunk than I was, but opposite direction. And since neither of us got laid before, I invited him over. He invited some anonymous bottom, too. I invited Kapphan, but only for after the bottom left. He didn't end up responding, so kind of a moot point, but no one is getting gangbanged in my place but me. I had a bitch of a time getting cleaned up, to the point that Thomas got there and I still wasn't ready. Fuck. After a few minutes, Thomas knocked on the door to mention the bottom was in a hurry, so how about he just fuck him real quick while I was getting cleaned up. Also a great big NOPE. We tagged the bottom, who himself ended up not being clean, then Thomas fucked me after he left, because I was.

Daniel came home from brunch/Leeper's. He'd had a good time, but not a great one. Lots of drug use happens with Leeper's friends, and sex he apparently couldn't have, so he mostly focused on video games. A gent hit me up to make a group a little while before it was time to leave for the Super Bowl party. Just around the corner from me, too! Daniel declined the group. It ended up just being a 3 way, which is fine, and I left on time. Daniel messaged me just as I was leaving that he'd found a trick of his own, so would meet me at the party later.

Unfortunately, my hangover finally hit me, and I nearly passed out on the couch and missed the party altogether. Daniel finished his trick, asked if I'd pick him up or get him an Uber.....which struck me as more than a little entitled, but since I hadn't left, it wasn't a big deal. Saw McEwen, Paul, and Hanson there, but they were just on their way out. The party was kind of akward, to begin with, because I didn't really know anyone but Quinn and John, and they were both fairly drunk and absorbed in the game. Tim asked if he could swing by and use my shower, which is always fine. Eventually, I made myself a drink and sat outside with Julie, Quinn, Marc (the bottom from the other night), and Quinn's dogs, Foxy Roxy and Bear.

The game itself was relatively exciting at the end, all overtime this and last minute points that. But still something I enjoyed hearing about rather than watching. After the game, everyone got a little more social. I chatted with a short, muscled Latin gent named Christian, and a nice drunk girl named Emily. She's a scientist, and fully supportive of my non-profit. Her friend was ordering a Lyft, since it was going to be slightly cheaper than Uber, so I offered them and their German friend a ride back. Mostly so I could play Kelly Clarkson in the car for them, but also to save them a Lyft.

On the ride home after, Daniel seemed odd and I asked what was up. He'd done G at the trick's place. 1) Thanks for getting me some (I kid! Mostly) and 2) isn't that a little relapsy? Apparently he can do anything but meth and not consider himself relapsed. Suit yourself. Tim was still home when we got back, and parked in my space, but I was happy to see Pupple, so I didn't care much. I spent a little more time listening to music, but called it an early night when Daniel seemed lost in his head. Thought about jerking off before bed, but my stomach was wonky again.


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