Feb. 4th, 2017

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Made coffee, ate breakfast and researched home organizational plans, then drove out to Big Lots. I'm still working on getting my room into some kind of order, and one of the big obstacles to that is my costume box. It's falling apart and spilling out into the rest of my room. Like always, I wandered around the store trying to think through an organization system before finally settling on two giant tubs. It's a step. Leeper came over later and took Daniel to a movie. Dave came over to talk business, and then I went to the gym. Happened to see BJ from the dance auditions there. Neither of us have received confirmation emails for dancing with SDGMC, which is troubling. Also, we're overdue to fuck. Just as I was finishing at the gym, Harris hit me up. We chatted for a while like always - he thinks my body is doing better than he's seen it in a long time, talked some about boys and visitors, then I rode him until he came.

FHA joined me to pregame for bear night. Pear vodka with vanilla diet coke is awesome. It was weird to not have a whole posse there, but we had a good talk. Parking was even more of a bitch than usual, but we managed to find it and make our way inside. Saw a million people inside, but I had to piss. Who should be standing in front of me but Former Roommate Nick! YAY! Unfortunately, I got drunker than I've been in a very very long time, and Nick had to walk me home. I spent a while throwing up in the tub before finally passing out. Bummer.


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