Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Woke up to a text from Julian. A song title (Almost Lover, A Fine Frenzy) and then an hour later "I do miss you." I can't think of anything to say to him that, coming from me, wouldn't make things ultimately worse so I didn't respond. At work I still felt like lead, but I forced myself to work out which helped. Didn't make it home until a little after 5. I was going to tap out of the game night in favor of slutting around, but as soon as I walked in the door, Daniel said the host was getting vegan food just for me. Alright. Missed an invite from Monday's top to share a bottom, too, though I couldn't have gone now. Alright.

Elisa lives near Mesa College with her boyfriend John. I'm a San Diego native, a graduate of Mesa, and continued dancing there for a long time after. So naturally, I had no idea where we were going. Her and her husband are hilarious, wonderful people. Apparently her work had ordered pizza from Z Pizza, she requested a vegan one be included in it, and then brought it home. There was some confusion as to whether Jeff was coming or not, and also confusion whether he was high or not. Elisa gave Daniel a hug which turned into him sobbing in her arms for an uncomfortably long time.

We played Ticket to Ride, which was much more fun than I'd thought it would be. I might even buy a copy, even though it's neither a fantasy game, nor cooperative. On second thought, as I type this, I don't think I will. Daniel asked me if we could send an Uber for Jeff, since he was having trouble getting bus fare to get up here. Or I could just go get him? Picked him up off 9th Ave, along with all his stuff. Daniel's desperation was fogging up my windows, though I'm not really sure what he's looking for from Jeff. Jeff was either still high or just coming down, but definitely not in his right head. It was a little surreal, playing Castle Panic and then Clue with someone like that, but it was one of the more fun game nights I think I've had, all considered. Elisa and John think I'm delightful, and the feeling is quite mutual.

Leaving, Daniel asked if Jeff wanted us to drop him off somewhere, but he didn't reply. I took us all home, poured a glass of wine for Daniel, and left them to their own devices. Hugo messaged me from Hawaii. His libido is back again, and he's played with two guys since he arrived. Fought down the surprisingly minor (for me) surge of jealousy, wished him a good trip. Unfortunately, he won't quite be gone two weeks. He comes back on the 10th, which is when I leave for PS.

I'd have liked to go out and fuck, but my stomach wasn't okay, and I didn't want to be getting cleaned up while Daniel and Jeff had a heart to heart in my living room. They joined me to say goodbye, Jeff jumped on me as I was getting up. I offered him a ride where ever he was going, but he was undecided on that. Because 1am is the perfect time to be just figuring out where to go, and a street corner is a much better place to do that than inside with WiFi. Okay, door is open if you change your mind. Daniel wanted to cuddle with me, and I had to break it to him that I'm just not a cuddler. Not unless we're really close *and* I'm wasted or exhausted. I think he was going to go out himself, but ultimately crashed after his shower.


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