Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I had a little more energy today, which is great. Also, some financial paperwork I've been waiting for from a client finally came in, so we can get it matched. A gent who occasionally hits me up (I think we've fucked before) did just that, and complained that I'm "always working." I get there are a lot of people with variable schedules, but I don't think we're quite at the point where M-F days is the expected time to be free. Between eservice, JJD's lunch, and my monthly meeting, I was really worried about the work today, but I stayed focused.

The lunch performance was great. Kathy wrote a beat poem about him, but everyone else tapped out of performing it so it was just the two of us. Saves me the trouble of throwing marbles on the stage, so I'm fine with it. She gave me the longer stanzas, and they also had better rhythm to them. Anxiety took over at the start of the lunch, so I didn't join them for the actual lunch part, just joined Kathy when it was time to perform. In the afternoon, I also had my monthly meeting, which at this point is largely just chatting about life with my bosses. Lynelle is getting a Japanese exchange student, and was shocked to find out I love nori.

I lingered after a bit, just taking care of a few minor things. Daniel was sitting on the couch playing Baldur's Gate when I got home, but only because he couldn't figure out how to open the disc tray to play Dragon Age. Kind of a good thing, since DA is for the 360. I hooked it up while I messaged with Kapphan, who had hit me up earlier about playing. He was down, but then suddenly stopped replying. When I mentioned I still had to hit the store, and asked if I should go now or later, he said he was tied up. Likely means he found another trick he wasn't sharing, but oh well.

Daniel went to the store with me and I bought him some almond milk to go with his cereal and such. TJ's was out of "meatballs" again. I was just talking about how I don't know what I'd do without them. I literally eat them for breakfast, lunch, and 90% of my dinners.

When last I saw Daniel about a year ago, he was just out of rehab. He is now 3 months sober, so still has some methy, paranoid ramblings that I was way too tired to keep up with. Tim joined us for a while, so they chatted with each other for a while. Daniel went to Mo's with Vick, Tim lingered on a little while longer, but left relatively early. He thinks Daniel is planning to use while he's here.


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