Feb. 1st, 2017

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Feb. 1st, 2017 07:04 pm
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Super tired in spite of taking my vitamins, and hurt my elbow trying to work out in my office. I'd really like my body to get on board with the whole "getting back in shape thing." As awesome as it was to see the pic from a couple years ago used in marketing materials across the country, it was also a reminder that my body used to be better. Even though of course I didn't see it that way at the time. JJD's 5 year anniversary is tomorrow, and he sent me a speech he wanted to give. I made some edits to it before I realized he'd only asked me to look it over, not rework it. Ah, well. Messaged briefly with Hugo during the day. He slept fine, and me? But then he asked if we could go out tonight, and when I threw out some options and pressed him on a preference, he said he just wanted to see me before he goes.....and then mentioned he wasn't randy. Apparently it's been more than a week, hasn't even been jerking off.

Had to pause on the walk back to my car, and just sort of collapsed onto the couch when I got home. A(nother) boy from BFE who's been messaging me on Scruff and then What'sApp, who also wants to video chat, started messaging me while I was home. He's been just as odd as the other gent, and just as full of dreams of moving in with me. He shared a story over the weekend of getting a speeding ticket on his way to a 3 way. Apparently he's also 16, which I guess is the legal age of consent in Iowa (Idaho? Something). But no less weird for me to have him want the video chat to get "naughty." Back in your pants, kid. He also asked me about my scars, and showed me some light ones of his own. I gave him some advice on finding groups through the Center to hang out with, or even finding online spaces to "hang out," but finally had to beg off to see Hugo.

I managed to sneak past the front gate on my own, but we went right back out again. Hugo had tried to trick with two boys over the weekend, but couldn't get hard for either of them. I'm sort of a terrible person, because I said I didn't fuck anyone. I'd feel worse about it, but I don't think he's been honest about his exploits. We talked about past tricks, and the future. He's maybe staying in HI longer, but probably not, and will be back in two weeks. I'm not sure when after that he's going to NY. We held hands as we walked, and passed by the barking sea lions and the Naval Museum doing fireworks. It was a little weird holding hands outside of the gayborhood, but no one said anything. He's excited to be back for his mum's birthday, and to see his nephew again. And he's nervous about what he wants to do with his life. Story of literally everyone's life, gurl. We walked down to the pier, then to Harbor drive, and back up past Ralphs, pausing for several absurdly long freight trains.

As we neared Broadway and State, we heard rustling coming from the nearby garbage can. Hugo thought it was maybe a dog or cat, I thought it was just the wind. A cursory examination didn't reveal anything but trash, but the rustling continued, and then I noticed that the can itself was in a metal cage with a broad lip that essentially made it like a trap. Not cool, City of San Diego. We concluded it was likely a rat, and since we're both bleeding hearts, couldn't leave it stuck in there. I don't think things through, so I was just going to reach in and start moving things. Hugo insisted we at least get sticks to move the stuff around so no needles or whathaveyou poked us. Oh, alright. Hugo is also a big 'fraidy cat, though, and not only did he continuously freak out and run away, he also yelped, jumped onto my arm, and generally created more suspense while I was moving things around. A rat finally jumped up at my face, which was mildly terrifying, but of course he couldn't make it past the lip. He ran in circles around the edge, which supports my theory about it being stuck. Fortunately, the city also didn't invest in a padlock for the latch, so I was able to open it up and tilt the trash can so the rats (there were at least two) could get out.

Hugo was still freaked out, but I felt like a damn hero. He invited me up to his room, but it was past midnight, he wasn't offering sex, and I wasn't 100% sure of myself anyway, so we kissed goodbye instead. I'm glad I saw him again before he left. I would have been okay without it, but I feel so much better about us, and about the rats, this way


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