Jan. 29th, 2017

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Woke up at 8, which is unacceptable, but I couldn't get back to sleep. One guy hit me up and said he'd be able to host "in a while." I gave him my number, but still invited another guy while I waited. Kevin is a nice older man from OB, though he just moved to La Mesa. I opted to fuck him in the living room, since my room is such a disgusting mess. The fucking was fine, except that he kept trying to get me to cum, despite my telling him repeatedly I wasn't going to. Funnily enough, I might have if he hadn't been so insistent. After over an hour of just mentioning that he liked seeing guys cum, he finally declined to cum himself and left. I managed to doze off a bit more after, and woke up to a text from Matt, wanting to go out for Sunday Funday.

We chatted while he ate lunch - he's been hanging out with Mitch a lot, but Mitch has largely stopped fucking him. Stopped fucking him *and* making plans in front of him to fuck other people after he leaves. Huh. We hit up Mo's, where Jerome is now host and almost comped our entry. Matt almost immediately left to go make out with a boy, I saw Will, and then Tim texted me that he was almost out of gas and broke. I went home, but I guess he went to Mo's instead. He ended up calling AAA (y'know, the membership I buy for him) and being upset that I didn't give him money for fuel directly.


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