Jan. 28th, 2017

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Woke up to a message from Hugo at 2:30, telling me to have fun in LA. Messaged him back, noting how late he was up, but he was apparently still up at 6:30, so I didn't have high hopes. When he finally did message me back, it was after noon and just said "yes." Briefly thought about inviting him to the party anyway, but as always seems to be the case, it occurred to me that he hasn't actually invited me to anything. I got on the road a little late and still forgot the suit I was going to wear.

Leaving 30 min late ended up causing over an hour of extra travel time, as there were several accidents. 1) It would be worse to have been in the accident, and 2) if I'd left on time, it's entirely possible that I'd have been caught in the initial event, rather than just the fallout. The delay might have been good, actually, as I had a stomach ache on the way up, and cold sweats. I had soaked through my shirt by the time I got there. Everyone was naked when I arrived, Matthew gave me the nickel tour. I still opted to wear a suit, which earned a few remarks and even more sideways glances. Don't care. Had a few drinks, chatted with several guys, and then the first round of naked shenanigans started. My stomach was still wonky, so I missed the first part of it, but I managed to get cleaned up and take a turn in the sling. Hopped out of that to felch one of the other boys, then more bottoming. The night continued like that - upstairs to fuck, downstairs to chat, back up again. Everyone said I was the star of the party, both sexually and socially. *hair flip* I had particularly good connections with the first guy to fuck me and the guy I felched. Matthew had offered to let me stay the night, but since I didn't drink much and was homesick, I drove home instead.

I got home a little before 1, but wasn't really tired. Hopped online, immediately got hit up by a nice Latin boy named Louise who lives just a few blocks away. We had really amazing chemistry together, flip fucked for a while, then another top came over. The top had a beautiful dick, but was kind of strange, possibly drunk. He left without cumming, and then Louise invited a bottom over. The bottom was hot - gorgeous body, handsome face - but probably high, and wouldn't kiss either of us. A guy that has been messaging me forever hit me up, so I invited him over instead. He came in Louise really early on, then had trouble getting hard, so I was the primary top for the rest of the night. I made out with him and also had stellar chemistry, which was weird. He briefly fucked me - it would have been a problem if I invited him over and didn't get fucked. We finally called it a night at 4:45, after I got a nosebleed while eating ass. I dropped the other boy off and headed home.


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