Jan. 27th, 2017

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Hugo had suggested it was just exhaustion that made everything so strange, but I didn't feel much different when I woke up. He'd also messaged me to make sure I got home okay. Scored great parking, which is always a plus. I was very distracted at work, and barely managed to do a single set of crunches and essential functions done. Spent a lot of time parsing JJD's psychological issues, so I guess he was having a similarly distracted day. Roommate Nick broke up with his boyfriend, which isn't terribly surprising given the tensions they seemed to be having last time. I'll be taking him out partying once I'm up to it.

Hugo messaged me towards the end of the day, saying it was okay if I didn't want to take him to LA or see him again. That's sweet? But still weird? And also said last night wasn't weird for him. Stopped at the store then finally made it to the couch with Lady Miss Friday. Bryan wanted to go out, but most places were dead. I'm generally quite happy with how I deal with upsets, but I suddenly wished I was the sort of person who parties it out. Had a couple drinks, though it wasn't really working for me, finally jerked off and went to bed. That's a plus, actually, as I hadn't done anything since Monday.


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