Jan. 23rd, 2017

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Well hello there 2am. Bummer. Got up, drank some water, had a vitamin, and tried to get back to sleep. No luck, so I jerked off instead. Except I got sloppy with the poppers and ended up with a mouthful. Twice. And threw up because of it. I tried sleeping several times after that, jerking off a total of 4 times between sleep attempts, but no use. Finally headed into work. Good thing, too, because JJD called out sick. Got a relatively large amount of work done, given my state, but didn't manage to work out at all.

I figured going to bed at 5 would probably just continue the problem, so I played some nostalgia machine and then watched 30 Rock until I was too tired for each, respectively. It was also a day of trolls. Famous nazi Richard Spencer was punched while giving an interview over the weekend, and people keep justifying it because he advocates genocide. Except he never has. One person thought he did, but it was the co-founder of his website, reportedly while Spencer wasn't acting editor, and was later removed. His views are still horrifically racist and anti-Semitic, and should be unequivocally shut down at every opportunity. But we don't get anywhere by making shit up about someone, particularly when they're terrible on their own. And I worry about the escalation of violence from those same groups. A couple people blocked me for pointing out that he didn't say it, calling me a sympathizer even though that's not what that word means either. I'd hoped we'd be beyond this infighting once the election was over.

Tim asked to swing by, but as tired and cranky as I was, I declined. Another gent was trolling a Melania post, saying that it's not slut shaming to say she's a worthless whore because she married for money. That's...kind of the definition of slut shaming, though....the OP finally deleted the whole thread, but I made a new friend out of it before it got shut down. Not taking any chances on another night of insomnia, I jerked off again, took a melania-tonin, and crashed.


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