Jan. 20th, 2017

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Oh, there's the heavy rain we were promised! My knees and ankles felt a little better, which is the right direction, so I'll take it. Amazingly, the umbrella I got from the 99 Cent store is a bit cheap. Imagine that. But it's still effective, so I'll keep using it. We had our annual meeting, which was mostly going over how much we've improved from last year, and what the goals for this year are. Most all of the ideas we posted are going to be implemented, and one of the things we're going to do is try to improve the claims process. Stuck around chatting with JJD after, Tim messaged that he was on his way.

I still had to walk back to my car, then get groceries, then get fuel, but somehow still managed to barely beat him there. He mostly wanted to talk about "our" options for the loan. I'm sensing desperation from him, which is no less frightening for being entirely understandable. I was exhausted and anxious, but successfully did not eat everything or start drinking. He was eager to get my thoughts on the 3 options he wrote out - a direct loan to him for another 5k, us trying to get a loan from Accion for 15k, or him putting the business 80% in my name and me getting a 30k loan myself. I was way too tired to even think about that, so he agreed to table it. He grabbed my keys as he was getting ready, so I grabbed his. I could have pointed it out to him, but I don't think that would teach him anything. Not as much of an impact as him having to come back in when he realized he had the wrong ones, anyway.

I wavered on whether I would go to DILF or not. The rain was really coming down, and I had the shoot tomorrow. Then again, the shoot isn't until noon, so I could sleep in.....ended up passing out in my clothes, so I guess that answers that.


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