Jan. 19th, 2017

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I'd left my umbrella at work, so of course it finally rained. Not very heavy, though, which was kind of anti-climactic given the buildup. Norman canceled the session, and since it's been back and forth a couple times, Trevor is taking that as a sign he shouldn't escort. He also doesn't think porn is good for him spiritually. Okay. Just as I was about to finish my morning duties, my computer started freaking out, refreshing the display in a strobe effect. It stopped just as suddenly 30 min later. I practiced Diamonds more in my office, and finally felt comfortable-ish with it. Just in case, though, I practiced more at home in between spending time with Lady Miss Friday.

I got to The Rail just a little before call time...I'm not really sure why, though, since nothing has started on time all week. Another cast member I hadn't met yet also showed up, and we moved the tables around for the eventual stage. Kickxy showed up next, wondering where all the boys were. Finally got everything together just before the doors opened. Hugo was there first, but I saw and heard from many friends. Tom, Margaret, Dave, Ben, Carlos & Joe, etc etc. Tom actually thought I was going to be in the audience, and I didn't correct him.

Slumber Party was decent, though I did fuck up some of the choreo. Celebration went much better than expected. Like, way better. I lip synched for my damn life, danced all around the stage, and even made out with Hugo during it. It was still about 20 seconds too long, but the crowd was stellar. I was *gasping* for air by the time I was done, and couldn't really believe my next number was 4 pieces away. Gulped down water, met with Hugo briefly, then got dressed for it. Tom messaged me to tell me I was phenomenal, and Dave's roommate, Jack, wants to hire me.

In a twist of events, Hindi Sad Diamonds - the piece I'd worked on and practiced for days, was too literal. It was downright Sad. All my choreography went flitting out of my head. The only parts that went as planned were Satine's high solo and my turning segment. Everything else was trash. Go fucking figure. Fortunately, the crowd itself was lighter by then, and significantly more inebriated, so hopefully they'll all have blacked it out.

My ankles and knees were aching after Celebration, and *throbbing* after Hindi. Hugo has a bit of a crush on Richard, because Richard loves DC, so I introduced them. Nadya was there in boy persona, and came to talk to me about how amazed she was to see actual technique. I had watched some of the other guys, and they mostly humped things. Almost entirely humped things, really. I helped a few costume pieces upstairs, but I was hacking nonstop by then. Method actors. Hugo was hungry, but there was no place open. I offered to grab black bean burgers from the store, but he had food at home, so I took him there. I should have gone right to bed, but I ended up staying up journaling for a bit. Would have liked to jerk off, but we're not supposed to cum for at least two full days before a shoot.


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