Jan. 17th, 2017

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Woke up surprisingly easily, and the sky was surprisingly clear. Took my heavy hoodie and umbrella just in case, since it's supposed to rain for the next 6 days. Really, I had a surprising amount of energy all day, and got through all my mail, some claims, journaling, and worked out in my office.

I was a little tired when I got home, but I petted Lady Miss Friday, showered, and got over to rehearsal by 6:15. I was apparently very early, but it was okay because I played with the Chihuahuas. Bebe's dog never warmed up to me, and one of Kickxy's kept her distance, and Roxy alternated crawling in my lap and demanding I play fetch with her. Best rehearsal ever.

The other boys finally showed up, everyone was really glad to see me and wanted to know what I would be doing for the show. Hey, me too! I explained several times that Marvin literally just said "do you want to be in our show" as opposed to explaining what I'd be doing. Apparently, guest stars get two solos to do whatever they want with...which isn't really my thing. Choreography feels so deeply personal and vulnerable, while dance is expressive. The whole process was a more than a little awkward, tbh, though I don't feel terrible since Richard, one of the other/regular dancers also has no idea what he's doing for one of his solos.

The boys rehearsed "Slumber Party" and offered to teach it to me but warned me it was really fast. They ran through it full speed twice before I stopped them and asked for counts. Well, it's a musical piece, there aren't counts. Is this all too much for you? It was meant to be sympathetic, but I took it as a slightly shady challenge. I'm not Nomi Malone, I can't pick up a dance faster than you show it to me. I just need you to go over the movement with me. That worked better, and Kickxy's only comment was that I was hitting the dips too hard. I can live with that, and I can fix it.

I immediately started working on my pieces when I got home, but Lady Miss Friday was unusually needy, and then my mom called and talked for 2 hours. I think she needed it, though I'm not certain how much of it was that and how much was just caught up in the moment. There was a lot of family dysfunction, both from her parents and from my pa. She's writing her will to take care of her animals, and my brother and I will split whatever's left after that and funeral stuff. Fine by me; I'm a big boy. And she asked me what I want done when I die. I want to be made into dog treats, and my main eulogy to be a mouse eating a chip. Other than that, IDGAF. She's also seen my work, which I feel like is some sort of porn actor merit badge. Lastly, she told me my dad had a big dick....but she also thinks I have a big dick, so her sense of proportion is off. I do appreciate that she's actively supportive of my life, and interested in it.

Messaged with Hugo more, he facetiously asked me to join him in his "King" bed. Having been to his room, he has like..a twin. Or smaller. But of course I'd share it with him.


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