Jan. 15th, 2017

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Woke up waaaaaay before Hugo, but made good use of the time. Worked out in the living room...or tried to, since I almost immediately got a nosebleed while doing pushups. Fuck. I still did a TON of crunches, a little leg work, then got cleaned up and got back in bed with Hugo. That boy can fucking sleep. And then lay in bed when he's not sleeping. Forever. He moved my hand down to his dick, so I rode him until he came, then shot next to him. Not my usual geyser, but enough that I needed to wash the sheets and pillow cases.

Took him to the Farmer's Market, he got us breakfast from Anthem Vegan, even though he couldn't really finish his because it was too "meaty." I mostly enjoyed holding his hand and looking at all the puppy dogs. He was going to Uber home, but I do have Tim's car, so I might as well use it. He mentioned seeing me on Tuesday, which seems odd to say Sunday at 2pm, but I guess.

A couple hit me up as soon as I got home, and I hesitated briefly before going over. I'd tricked with one of them before - they have guinea pigs. It was awkward, but I was a damn rock star. His partner is younger, and was *extremely* anxious. Couldn't get hard, didn't communicate anything at all, might not have been clean. I bottomed for the older, topped the younger, even played Lucky Pierre fairly successfully.

I found myself strangely *exhausted* when I got home, even though the hookup wasn't actually very long, and I hadn't done much during the day. Crashed for a bit, and had a really hard time getting back up again. There was a new Leather event at Merrow that I considered going to, but of course had a hard time getting up the motivation to go for. Hugo messaged me around 9, asking my plans for the night, then suggested "Go out with Hugo?" I found this unreasonably charming, though how much of it is the unconventionality of it and how much is infatuation, I can't say. Tim was on his way back, so I said I'd grab him when he got there.

Tim got there a little late - just after Lady Miss Friday had started purring next to me, actually. I got cleaned up, then finally headed down to pick up Hugo. The Merrow was damn near empty when we got there. I'm not actually sure how long the event was supposed to go for, since it started at 8, but it was not quite 11 and dead. Dimitri had gone, but lost his puppy mitts there, and was very upset about it.

Hugo begged off of PECS since he'd been walking around PB all day, but offered to just crash in my bed while I went out. I should have taken him up on it, but went home with him instead. Tim was still there, which was a little odd, and Pupple barked when we came in, so maybe it's good that I was there. Took my meds and such, laid down, then Hugo wanted to fool around. I wasn't 100% sure of myself, so wanted to get cleaned up first, but he didn't want to fuck? Or something. And he kept telling me to wake up, even though I was awake and active. It was surreal and not really pleasant, but he finally came in my mouth, and my shot ended up all over his back.

Overall, while I had a good day, I'm kind of upset that this is the second holiday weekend where I've not gone out for Sunday Funday, and therefore don't really need the day off the next day.


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