Jan. 14th, 2017

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Slept great, made coffee, hit the gym around noon. It was crowded, especially for a Saturday, but I got my full workout in. Tim said he was heading up to swap cars in the middle of my workout, so I figured I had a little time. Finished there, went to the store, which was a Thunderdome-esque fight for parking, and then some horrid woman blocked me in while she waited for a closer space...then inched forward because she saw a slightly closer space than that. ARGH PEOPLE. In spite of all this, I was home before way before Tim.

He left me his car, but I hate using it, so I didn't have much to do. Since Hugo is convinced I'm a sex addict, and we'd both laughed that he was the only person I'd had sex with "all week" on Tuesday, I felt like today was something of a test. We're not even official, much less monogamous, but I really hate the idea that because I fuck a lot when I'm single, I can't possibly control myself in any situation. I shaved and zapped myself, then played with some new toys, and had a strange experience getting too close to edging. I definitely stopped way before I got too close, but about 15 seconds later, had a hard time not cumming.

Played a little on the Nostalgia Machine. I still haven't heard back from the guy on how to play multi-disk RPGs, which has me worried about him. JJD texted a little after 5, asking if I was ready. Day slipped away from me! I messaged Hugo, but didn't hear back from him, so I figured he was napping again. I thought Leslie lived in La Jolla, but it turns out she lives in Sunset Cliffs, which is much more in keeping with her. Still got a swanky house, though. It was a catered event from Casa Guadalajara, which left me with mostly tortillas to eat. I'm uncomfortable eating in front of people anyway. I spent the first 30 min with her dog and cat upstairs before joining everyone else and finding a place to sit. Hugo finally messaged me that he was back from his bike ride, and asked what we were doing with the couple emoji. I explained the situation, but he opted to just get together later, but quoted song lyrics to me. *swoon*

The party was surprisingly fun, once everyone got done eating. People gave heartfelt stories and such, then Neil gave a *hilarious* sendoff that went just a little blue. I talked with some of the rest of the staff, tried to keep some semblance of my filter up, and petted all of Leslie's ancient animals. Hugo sent me a "So....*sunglasses smiley* then clarified it was for the wrong person. Um. What. We got on the road to get him a little later, JJD dropped us off at my place, then we walked to Flick's to meet Bryan.

Bryan insisted on buying my drinks, which I'm only gonna fight so hard for, and Hugo doesn't drink. Chatted with various friends, but he wanted to go dancing, so we moseyed over to Rich's. They now charge $14 cover on Saturdays, which is one of many reasons I don't go there anymore. I paid for everyone. Hugo likes R&B and rap, so he preferred the main room. Honestly, it was slightly better music in there than whatever dubstep stuff they were playing in the main room. We danced briefly, but he disappeared at some point, apparently to go dance with my friend Terrence, who also kissed him.

I saw Justin there with a former(?) Helix model who seemed nice, if somewhat full of himself. I also made out with someone, though I don't remember who now. Hugo found us before the end of the night, and Bryan called it a night. Suddenly missed his husband and wasn't having fun. On the walk home, Hugo explained that he didn't want to fuck tonight because he wasn't randy. Um. What. He'd hooked up with a friend of his earlier in the day, apparently instead of going on the bike ride. I was fine....for about 10 seconds. And then that same red haze started creeping around corners, slowly filling my vision. Hugo asked me not to be mad, but I wasn't mad, exactly. A little mad at myself for not tricking all day, but also not really. One of us had to fuck around first, and I don't actually want it to be me. But this keeps happening. I'm *always* the bigger whore, so it's *always* on me to be loyal for longer, and then I take it too far when I finally stop. Or something.

Hugo wanted to go to bed when we got home, but I wanted to listen to music and drink. A lot. I got a couple sips into my first drink when he convinced me to come to bed instead, and explained that he could still get hard if I wanted to ride him and get off. Ew. I don't need someone to have leftover lovin' for me at the end of the day when they could have fucking invited me for fucking in the first place. I got downright murderous when he explained he hadn't topped....but then he said he didn't bottom, either. Um, what? He'd just gotten together with a Dom who spanked him and "forced" him to suck dick.

In other circumstances, it could have been comical how quickly the haze vanished and my mood returned to normal. Almost a little disturbing, really. I nearly jumped on him for a quick fuck, but since he wasn't going to be able to cum again, decided against it. Snuggled up against him instead, and we had a much better time sleeping than previously.


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