Jan. 13th, 2017

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I actually did feel much better when I got up, and even better than that throughout the day. What I didn't feel like doing was working, but I didn't have anything better to do. I worked out twice in my office, talked with JJD a bunch, and viewed my credit score. I was worried because of the various tickets other people got on cars that were in my name, but it turns out there was a recent lawsuit mandating that cities can't report those to credit bureaus. Makes sense, because there's no credit involved in getting a parking ticket. I'm at 751 with two of the bureaus. Go me!

I messaged Hugo when I got home, but he didn't reply immediately. I figured he was napping or "napping," and weirdly wasn't bothered either way. Did some essential things around the house and the self - took out the trash, made my bed, showered, trimmed my beard, etc. Tim asked if he could come pick up his paperwork, and I said sure, so of course he still wasn't there when Hugo messaged me. He'd been napping. Gave Tim his paperwork, walked around getting ready, finally left to pick up Hugo. I told Tim I'd be about 30 min, he said he might still be there. Don't.

Hugo had gotten me a welcome mat with a dog bone and the word "woof" on it. I've already got my "wipe your paws" one out front, so I'm using it as a kitchen mat. I'd been going to maybe have people over for board games or something, but Hugo never answered whether he liked them or not. Instead we fucked for a couple hours in my room, then again in the living room. He keeps sitting on me as though he's bottoming, but I don't think he has any idea how to get cleaned up as a bottom. And he's such a hippy, he doesn't use soap most of the time. He fucked me again in the living room, and this time I came for him. Another geyser.

He wanted to go out to Numbers, but it was well after midnight by then. I was going to make the effort, but he said it was okay. We laid on the couch holding each other a while longer, but I finally had to drive him home. He invited me up, but not to spend the night, so I crashed with Lady Miss Friday instead.


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