Jan. 12th, 2017

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Woke up with a bit of a scratchy throat, and more sinus issues than usual.Texted with Hugo during the day, worked out in my office, went through months of previously viewed Youtube videos to find one I only vaguely remembered. It turns out I watch a lot of the same videos repeatedly. They're good, but I do feel like I should make better use of Spotify or Google Music.

I also wished the best for the various folks going to Sin City Shootout/Hustlaball. And then I happened on Mitch's update that he was leaving for Vegas, which is only upsetting because we'd talked about going, but he didn't respond when I asked for finalized details. And while I don't want to think that Matt is sneaky, it does make the timing of his saying he misses me awfully suspicious. Either way, I wouldn't be available for him this weekend; either I'd have gone to Vegas, or I'd have my friend from Vegas visiting me.

Unfortunately, the illness got worse through the day, to the point that I crumpled onto the couch when I got home. Hugo messaged when he was out of dinner, and just waiting for me, but I had to beg off. He'd message intermittently throughout the night as he was getting ready with his friends - he'd rather be with me, his dick misses me....more than just his dick misses me. This could get messy, but he doesn't seem to mind. I asked my friend from Vegas if he could come out next weekend, and it turns out he's been sick, too. Good timing!

I drank all the fluids, took all the vitamins. I probably could have gotten fucked, but it would have been risky as far as spreading this. I also started watching the 3rd season of Happy Endings, which is largely as brilliantly written as the first two. Such a tragedy. Finally took myself to bed around 9, played with a new toy. Maybe because of the toy, or maybe because I'd been shooting so much during the week, there was little, if any shot.


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