Jan. 10th, 2017

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I was so tired at work all day, but managed to work out several times in the office, go to the store on the way home, do the dishes, and make the bed before driving down to pick up Hugo. Tim asked if he could come over while I was still on my way back. I never know how to beat around the bush with these things, though we're largely at a point in our Exhood that we can discuss them freely, so I just told him I was picking up a boy.

Rolling around on the bed,I thought he might fuck me bare this time, but he didn't seem to make any actual movement to, just teasing me with the head of his dick...or maybe I just didn't give him long enough before grabbing a condom? Rolled one on, rode him, he pounded me for a while, I sprayed everywhere again. This time I hit his face, too, which I thought was unfortunate given his mixed reactions to cum. But right after we got him cleaned up, he sat me down on top of him and slowly pushed himself inside me, sans condom. And fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, and finally came inside. And then was so sensitive he had to stay inside for another few minutes, still hard. So romantical.

We finally put some clothes on, he asked me to take him over to Evolution. I'd eaten *tons* of "meatballs" during the day, so I wasn't hungry at all, but had no problem getting him there before closing. That place brings back memories, though outside of it being the first time I heard Beirut, they're mostly of Ken, so I'm glad to make new ones. As soon as we got home, Tim messaged me that he was parking....I didn't tell him he could come over, but I'm pretty excited to introduce everyone to Hugo, so I wasn't terribly bothered. Tim and Hugo got along quite well, actually, though mostly on agreeing that I'm a sex addict and various jokes to that effect. For the record, I'll point out again that I've never cheated on a partner, never gotten in trouble at work, with family, etc. from sex, so I don't really meet any rational definition of "addict." Tim needed my kitchen to make a couple of pot pies, so he cooked while Hugo ate. Tim is apparently seeing someone now, which is stellar.

A bit late, but Tim finally got his stuff together and left, I cleaned up dinner, and Hugo got in bed with me. He briefly fucked me dry, but decided against a full blown session again. I used his cum as lube and shot buckets for the 4th time in 2 days. I could only wish this was my norm.


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