Jan. 8th, 2017

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Tom fucked me in bed, unfortunately with a condom. Miller was up and about, but didn't respond when we called for him. Tim came over, I made tofu scramble even though I burnt the spices. Tom had to take off, but Tim and Miller hung out longer. I kind of wanted to do Sunday Funday, but I wasn't terribly upset that I wasn't able to wrangle the cats, because I was having a great time and the booze is cheaper at my place.

Tim finally left as well, Miller fucked me, then took off while I slept off the morning booze. When he got back, he had a wonderful surprise - a picture frame to put up my Catwoman poster. I've had the poster for literally years and just couldn't find the right frame. It was $30 - more than the poster itself cost, but at this point, I think it was worth it. Miller put that up, we listened to music and drank and fucked all night.

Matt messaged me, but really just to make nebulous plans to come over "sometime." I'm not holding my breat


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