Jan. 6th, 2017

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Woke up at 2:30, which I sort of expected when I opted to drink. Took me over an hour, but I did finally manage to doze again, only to have Lady Miss Friday wake me up before my alarm so I'd pet her before she ate breakfast. At the same time, there've been times before that her meows have woken me up when I'd have been late, so I'll take it.

My registration is $299 this year, because of a $127 parking ticket that Julian got while he was borrowing my car and hid from me. My Bar dues are going to be another $300, the parking ticket I got is $77, I just paid $250 for Tim's tires that someone slashed, and Dave wants to meet tonight to talk about jump starting the business and shooting a lot more, which will be $250/ea. Tim is also asking me to either "loan" him 3-4k, or cosign on a loan for that amount, so that his business can start making money. I am taking a deep breath and reminding myself that even if I paid all of this at once, I'd still have enough money in the bank to pay my rent. At the same time, I'm feeling like Sisyphus, because my savings aren't increasing, no matter how much I try to scrimp. I did go ahead and contest the $77 parking ticket - improbable, but not impossible that it'll go in my favor - and that made me feel much better. I also worked out twice in my office.

Brody messaged me in the morning, inviting me to a mini-reunion of the PS boys at PECS. My heart leapt. Sean also messaged me, to let me know he had my grooming stuff I'd left in PS. I ran into Prof DeKoven on my way in, and he stopped me to chat about the state of the legal landscape for sex workers. I stopped to say hi to his dog, but it's also great to have such an enthusiastic cheerleader.

I'd expected to just grab my bag from Sean and go, but he invited me in to talk about addiction, music, boyfriends, jealousy, etc. He also let me pet his cat with grumpy old man face, Furby. I stopped at the store after that, though I couldn't think of anything to get. Finally settled on some snacks and "meatballs," because you can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes "meatballs."

The meeting with Dave went really well. There are crowd funding sites specifically for porn, and he has some great ideas for how to implement things.

Finally got cleaned up, showered and picked up Sean and Dragos. The reunion was nice, but not quite as magical as I'd hoped. I guess it's just the difference between a relaxed house party vs a crowded bar. I saw Brian Milum there, so drunk he could barely stand. Got him some water, had some of my own. Also chatted with Alex... And then I blacked out.


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